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    i need a 70, kids

    yeah, i've been a lil' bored but mostly happy to have free time on my hands to do absolutely nothing. i've spent the past five days reading, smoking and listening to portishead. best/worst thing ever. ah i deactivated facebook because everyone is stupid and i did not want to be reminded of...
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    i need a 70, kids

    oh that's fantastic then! i've been okay, post hsc life is so, so hazy, but mostly good. oh, i did? i'll probably come to the next one. i sort of float in and out of this place, really. i'm under the impression everyone finds me irritating (which is to be expected seeing as i talk trash on...
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    is the movie having all the gens? if not, then it will be so, so bad euuugh
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    i need a 70, kids

    AH THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS now i can stop wallowing and being ridiculous. how've you been, dude?
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    i need a 70, kids

    i know i didn't fail entirely, but just say, hypothetically, i did. i do: 4U eng, economics, modern, ancient would scaling save me to a 70? and if it didn't, because i know i did fairly decently in most of my subjects - would that bring my up to a seventy?
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    What have you eaten today?

    it was actually the greatest thing ever
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    What have you eaten today?

    chicken kebab choc shake hamburger handful of cashews an entire choc bavarian greatest
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    Occupy Wall St

    they will tell us we are dreamers. we are not. we are awakening from a dream that has turned into a nightmare. oh zizek the things you do to me
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    How much did everyone write for the essays?

    7 for the essay 7 for the creative i've always written manically in my extension exams, though. so fucking great.
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    HSC Stress: Masturbation during exams?

    ha ha ha haaaaaaaa excuse me while i go smoke, drink, masturbate and live in sin etc
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    Anyone not going to schoolies?

    i'm not going only because i am lazy/broke and i'm moving out during the typical 'schoolies period' anyway so i win
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    General Thoughts: Economics

    i wanted to stab my eyes out with a spoon during economics it was such an awful exam, i went home and slept for four days straight no i am kidding, but it was a bad exam. i just hope everything turns out fine
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    What does it take to get an atar of 70?

    jesus christ i hope so i want to study international and political studies w/ journalism/law/comm (haven't decided just yet) however, i shall not be getting the 89+ required for said degree so i applied arts, transferring etc which is only a 70 but what if i don't even get that anxiety~ but...
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    What does it take to get an atar of 70?

    aligning scaling? i do 4u eng, modern, ancient, economics does this mean anything at all? will this help? ...anything. or should i just start selling my body on the street tomorrow night, as there is no point in waiting
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    It's the end...the dawn is upon us

    fucking hell i thought i was done with that word