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  • "A private tracker is a BitTorrent tracker that restricts use, by requiring users to register with the site. The method for controlling registration used amongst many private trackers is an invitation system, in which active and contributing members are given the ability to grant a new user permission to register at the site"

    It's pretty much a private site: examples include... jpopsuki, what.cd, waffle.fm ... there is a few others

    I had to pass an interview on an IIRC to get in... Jpopsuki has an INSANE database of all things asian music (all western is banned), I duno man it has so much god damned SNSD it's not funny
    Not many people study Engineering Studies, compared to Physics. No subjects are required for entry, only some are Assumed Knowledge. I'm planning to study Mechanical Engineering at UNSW.
    If you want to get into Engo at New South, there's a SHITLOAD of bonus points you can get. If you get Band 5/6s in 2UMath, 3U Math and Phys, I think you can get up to 2 bonus points for each subject (for a maximum of 5). Search up HSC Plus.
    but what if your quotes or topic sentences doesn't fit the question? and I might practice it.. I'll write out an essay and practice manipulating it using different questions
    are you like gonna remember a lot of essays for each module to cover the different possible topics they will question? cos our teacher said to remember quotes and techniques and also some thesis/ arguments and make it up on the spot.. i've always failed doing this in my assessment.
    hey thanks for the estimate and advice... yeah to be honest I did crap in the trials.. was coming: first in maths, 4th in SOR and 2nd in chem.. so yeah, just shows how trials stuffed me up I guess. and with maths ext. silly mistakes and a lack of basic contents failed me. I could have easily gotten 15-20 more marks if I actually studied and tried for it. and I hope I can take it to another level during the externals.. I mean if you say that the marks are okay and some are good without me studying, then i guess i got more to improve. And good luck for your externals as well. i'm sure you'll do good. Thanks again.
    estimation please
    Subject... Trial Mark... Overall Rank (We did the CSSA Trials)
    English Advanced... 65/105... 30/70
    Maths Extension... 37/84... 7/15
    Maths Advance... 79/120... 2/41
    Physics... 72/100... 1/17
    Chemistry... 59/100... 3/15
    SOR 2unit... 77/100... 5/52

    School Rank: 300

    I'm planning to do a Flexible year for Engineering in USYD next year. I just want to go to USYD because it's more prestigious :p.

    Don't know what course I want to do, so might as well do the Flexible year :p
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