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    engineering @ MQ?

    y r there so few enrolments in mq eng degrees? e.g. 2-3 in wireless/controls eng... 23-26 in comp. eng...
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    Macquarie Engineering any good? macq v uws

    can anyone tell me whether an engineering degree @ macq uni is any gud. how does it compare to UWS engineering.. thnx in advance for input
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    Predict the 6/7 Marker!!

    CO2, NOx and SO2 and its effects
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    We're going through the entire paper, posting answers.

    100000 x 1.005^n - M (1+1.005+1.005^2... + 1.005^n-1) is that an alternative to answer given in pdf file with hsc 08 answers?
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    Quick Answers To Some Questions!

    woot Q9 b) ftw
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    Least Favourite Text for section one.

    ohh yea cheers
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    Least Favourite Text for section one.

    wat were the texts again, poster with map being held, old dude visiting childhood home, famous cyclone and wat was the other one?
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    Physical Journey: "Human Spirit"

    if ur essay related back to the concept of 'physical journeys' and the statement, u will still get marked for it right? lol had 3 mins just about to start my 2nd related text so i just put a conclusion and finished the 2nd related text with the time i had. So with marking, having a intro, body...
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    p. journeys - p. skrzynecki

    can anyone else recall some attributes/characteristics in regards to physical journeys. these are some i can remember: journeys are voluntary or involuntary journeys can be taken individually or as a group journeys involve making decisions whether easy or hard journeys can be of long or short...
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    Section III - P. Skrzynecki essay

    lol i noe, i timed myself writing my pre-prepared essay with my thesis and 2 poems taking me 34mins. With the supp. text, does the analysis/evaluation of the text be as in depth as doing the poems or can it be brief.
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    Section III - P. Skrzynecki essay

    kk cheers, by the way, wen u guys analyse/evaluate the poems and link them towards the concept, physical journeys, how much content will u put in. I've practised writing an essay and i ended up doing a page for 'Crossing the Red Sea' alone.
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    Section III - P. Skrzynecki essay

    so by doing 2 poems and 1 supplementary/related text, ur not in the pool of getting an 18-20/ out of 20?
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    How would I start off the 'telling stories' essay

    Re: Area of studies paper 2- Telling stories (Standard English) ... omg