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  • im watching a chinese show called 'bai li tiao yi' on my satellite tv since there is a 3 hr difference.
    hug rape is when the situation is ambiguous. the girl may be reluctant at first but after the hug, we know they have that liking each feeling.

    u can if i like you or know you in person. however i do not know what you are like irl.
    uh lol

    then maybe u come across as a creep irl? could be ur look im not sure. what do u look like

    i woulnt mind creeps (no jk) if he looks alright
    u may want to ask her for the reason then improve on yourself. not everything has to do with ugly/attractive/race
    could be. still better than ignoring u amirite?

    u know what, u should just tell her u like her. don't be so reactive. it's not attractive.
    lol maybe i stepped ahead with my logic that u don't understand

    what i meant is if she searches you up, u landed her darl (maybe)
    yep adults near the same age as me, same as asians etc. but not my kids, since my family all have great genes, along with the reasons i mentioned before.
    i wouldn't care because not like overseas 4th gen 'chinese' will be important to chinese in china anyway. but i won't have eurasians that's for sure.
    yeah ur type is common (same as my cousin)

    but tbh, i'd prefer shanghainese so the culture and bloodline and language continues
    haha nah if you ask about preferences (i prefer chinese/korean first). if you ask me if i like other races i will say italians. haha
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