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Recent content by thesinophile

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    so what are your uac choices?

    so what are your uac choices?
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    Food on campus

    Re: f00d on campus I think its $7.10. Wish it were cheaper but hey its probably the best thing on campus.
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    Writing over the lines in exams

    Yeah its not like they warned us not to do it, right? Right?? :uhoh::uhoh:
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    Sydney Technical vs Hurlstone Agricultural

    nobody sees your report unless you show them, the only case you would probably do this is for a scholarship application and even then you could omit it because youre not obliged to show them unless they ask for your full report
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    chinese obviously

    chinese obviously
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    Are you lebanese?

    Are you lebanese?
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    line of best fit

    in experiments, random uncontrolled factors will cause the data to deviate from the 'mathematical pattern' its supposed to follow. if in an ideal world the data follows a linear pattern then the line of best fit should be a straight line. if in an ideal world its some other curve, like an...
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    BOS f@#king with our minds?

    How can it be discrimination when everyone does the same test? Its your rank that matters, not the raw score because they get subjected to the same scaling. At most certain people get advantaged over others (people who prepared for any situation and people who got lucky by sheer dumb luck_
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    whats uncle's new account called

    whats uncle's new account called
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    Would you abort a rape baby?

    If you got pregnant from being raped would you keep the baby? Some say its wrong to destroy a life but then again would it feel right to raise someone who carries that bastard's genes? Im interested.
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    BOSers falling in love?

    i never really knew mcloving. he was the guy with the really ugly asian girl (guy?) avatar right
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    war is good

    how can you shoot women and children?
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    BOSers falling in love?

    @this thread: what Man those guys were so funny. And dd24. I just fucking lost it every time I saw that picture of the neo nazi. uncle was a fucking funny cunt