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  • can you type out the actual exam question and your response so i can read it? How many marks is it worth in total?
    I am serious man, if the entire textbook is typed up on latex....you would realise how awesome it is. If i recall corrently THS uses the pink coroneous for 2u only yeah? And 3u is the green fitzpatrick?
    Jim Coroneos = the best textbook. It may take a while to get use to teh font but i guarantee u its one of the best (hard to believe at first but trust me).
    Hey saw ur post on the Math in focus post. I was wondering what are you using for 2u and 3u?
    Multiply and factorise to get up to this statement>>> xy^2-2y+x=0. From here we need to use the quadratic formula to solve for y. So for the quad formula our a=x, b = -2 and c =1. Sub these into the quad formula and simply to get your answer. Im busy with uni work but hopefully you understood that, if i have time ill type it neatly and pm you it.
    lol i had gounder for chem. Well if you need any help bro, ask me and ill try help if i have spare time.
    I had Fountoulis for physics (LOL)....I hope you have someone else like Mr miller?
    Nope, Miss Tang came after i graduated; but I know who she is because i did my prac work (im a pre-service teacher) back at tempe high last year. I had Mr. Popovich bk in year 12...did he retire or move to another school?
    LOL, man i graduated from that school in 09. Make me proud bro! If you need anything, ask me.
    HEY, thanks for the help for F/BR. Yeh, I wrote that responsibility is a value and my teacher crossed it out and said NO. :(
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