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  • haha nooo i am horrible at scrabble, the tension is too much for me
    that sounds fascinating but simultaneously, really tedious
    if you want to write a 6000 word short story for me and a short thesis.... just like, hit me up
    i'm totally open to help :eek:
    yeah my capricious aggression is on a leash now
    i am hell bored, putting off english extension 2 for as long as i can...
    what's up with you?
    Well did you hear, there’s a natural order.
    Those most deserving will end up with the most.
    That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top,
    Well I say: Shit floats.
    If you thought things had changed,
    Friend you’d better think again,
    Bluntly put in the fewest of words,
    Cunts are still running the world,
    Cunts are still running the world.
    Your free market is perfectly natural,
    Or do you think that I’m some kind of dummy,
    It’s the ideal way to order the world,
    Fuck the morals, does it make any money?
    And if you don’t like it? Then leave.
    Or use your right to protest on the street,
    Yeah, use your rights but don’t imagine that it’s heard, Oh no no,
    Cunts are still running the world,
    Cunts are still running the world.

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this message.
    I didn't realize that you were king of the forums. But I have seen the light, and can now understand why telling the truth is the wrong thing to do. After all, your incredible online reputation stands testament to just how great you are. And thanks for calling me a truther. You just prove my point, friend.
    ok. itz your opinon if u think 'twilight is fukin awful'. i just love twilight
    but if u hate it i dont mind at all. there are enough people in the world who are trying to take edward cullen from me haha
    Hey man im on yr profile looking at yr shit
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