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  • I went to the trouble of making a lovely card with paint and glitter and glue, don't ask for anything in return, sure I'm no chamelia but I put much love into it, and what thanks do I get?

    Jeez some people.
    Hey I just noticed you talking about 3rd year maths courses. I'm going to be doing basically a lot of them next year, do you have any advice? You said Measure Theory was good but it didn't sound great to me... Thanks if you reply :)
    Hi, I was going through threads on bos (regarding mechatronics (space) engineering at usyd) and I noticed that you were at usyd doing mechatronics engineering? (iirc). I'm also considering the course and was wondering if you could tell me more about it - in terms of excitement/difficulty or any regrets you may have had (low job prospects?). I know its very difficult to find a job in Australia in the almost non-existant space industry (I'm hoping to move to US/Europe) but i'm unsure about the prospects of mechatronics in Australia. At the moment I'm a bit apprehensive about making the wrong decision going into uni, so any advice would be great! (if you don't mind can you please PM me) Thanks in advance!
    Yeah, i tried you teleporter. login page didn't even work!? there was nothing but the background! tho graphically, the background is good.
    hey there,
    wanna debate the topic: does GOD exist?
    you can be a speaker- but you'd need to be ready for it by friday :)
    UNSW event.
    student debaters, islamic awareness week.
    maybe i am going about this in the wrong way..cause.. my school isnt exactly the best so it gets a wide range of results from 99.8 down to idk what.. and usually the top 30 people in the school gets over 90 which in my opinion.. is quite easy but..maybe i should stop seeing things like that.. and maybe i'll stop dissing my friends about not getting over 90 LOL
    thank you.
    hey, you said you did eng/science on my thread.
    Would you say that you met people who are worthwhile knowing by doing that course rather than the normal engineering course..

    cause..no offence but the science degree atar requirement is 78 which may reflect on the people doing the course cause i dont want to be stuck with a group of slackers who dont do shit.. if you know what i mean..

    edit: it says you went to usyd on your profile so the science atar requirement is slightly higher.. =S
    hey in the 2u mathematics 'useful links' thread u should add, Maths Online - Free Maths Tuition For All Australian High School Students to the list of websites
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