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  • i like you for one more thing...ur christian...goodstuff brother

    let us rejoice in peace and harmony lol

    sorry we had a rough go at each other, plz accept my fellowship dear brother

    then we shall rejoice hehe, laters
    Soz, about the lack of respect but ad infinitum's been pissing me off for a long time now. Anyway, I'll give you some pos rep later for trying
    the oldest person.. hmmm don't know exactly but i think there's a few there.

    lol yes i would say so. but we're pretty busy i suppose.
    i assume the pay is good. haven't go paid yet till next week. the yearly amount sounds good :)
    um yeah i am the youngest. there's a girl about the same age as me, she's turning 21 on monday so yep i'm the youngest.
    the supervisor isn't like any other. she doesn't care about me haha. she's very laid back and she's got our team leader to teach me instead lol. but it's alright although i don't think she's a very good teacher..
    haha! yes! it's good thankyouu.
    i have started working, it's not bad actually. looks like a lot but it seems pretty easy :)
    me and guess are best friends since year 7 which has been 6 years as best friiends:)
    haha we do everyhtiing together dnt think we r fat we r sexy:) LOL

    bootcamp is a excerise training class i do to keep fit and lose weight ive been doing it for 2 months.. 3 days a week its awesome:) my brother in law is best mates with my trainer thats how i got into iit he told me about it and i signed up:)
    hahahaha.. ii dont compete all i do is go to the canteen with me and my friiends and eat and eat all day LOL.. dont worry im not fat i do bootcamp
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