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  • nah we have mutual friends on Facebook because i saw you went to macarthur anglican. i go to magdalene :)
    bahahha. not to be a stalker. but i know who you are! my names nickie btw. lauren is my friend, we both use this account :)
    don't worry. I'm the same. i effed up english and maths especially. dude you will do amazingly! <3
    good luck to you too! I'm sure you will do amazingly!!! i don't know what to think either. only 15 minutes to go. think I'm going to throw up.
    also I hope you feel better, that really sucks! :(
    I had sinusitis a week before English, it totally sucks. :(
    awesome I'll bet you get an awesome atar! what course do you want to do?
    for me: everything has been legit average. could have done better at English and math though. xx :)
    Well it depends. The markers want you to do well. If you present a logical and sustained argument supported by fact, analysis and historiography, they will give you good marks.
    Just do practice essays and go over your notes - thats pretty much the best thing you can do at this point.
    Well, you should never use a pre-prepared response in modern. Just do a few practice essays and make sure you have a strong understanding of the issues which arise from each syllabus point.
    oh no. only 90 raw? you're fucked.
    jokes. haha. i studied heaps hard but made SO many stupid mistakes! at least you didn't get q 2 mc wrong. I was like 'oh easy, 5/6 dont even have to look at the other options' turns out it said 6/5 LOL wtf...need to read questions right haha. That happend to another mc as well but it was an easier one. Then i got all the hard ones right. far out!
    and what do you mean by my statement on area graphs? I was just saying a lot of people would have gotton tricked. E.G. in one season it said 60,000 so you had to add 60,000 ON TOP of the 40,000, not just go up to the 60,000.
    you're doing it again. being a pussy :p
    nah. screw this. i was studying maths but now im sleepy.
    so im going to bed. night! xo
    oops wrote on my wall.
    anyway what to do: study. haha. i was studying untill you distracted me -.- haha.
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