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  • haha. thats why i asked. coz im totally mindblown. all the times I saw you comment on forums, our chats etc i imagined you as a girl. also, i thought you meant girlfriend as a friend that was a chick with you being the chick!
    but yeah. i do cafs. im a girl haha. everyone thinks im a guy though on here. probs should change my avatar thingo coz it seems manly.
    oh well thats good then! (about your strong grade) im sure you'll get in the 80's!
    btw are you a guy or a chick? hahaha. sorry but i can't tell :p
    lol sorry. didn't know you were one of those people really pedantic about grammar. I'll be sure to read over what I write again :p but yeah. prep's ok. totally and utterly burnt out after english though. the week before bio i studied heaps for bio, sor 2 and general maths but it seems to have like disappeared from my brain...:( hopefully its there somewhere.
    thank god for my half-descent english rank and strong cohort. (school ranks in the 100's) I am SHIT at exams, but do well at assignments (in hsc anyway haha) so managed to get 10/35.
    totally relying on my cohort. hamlet question just threw me off, so i left it till last and had less time. (like ~30 mins.) so i didn't have much time to plan. i think i had an ok idea going, but before i knew it, it was pens down :( so only managed a terrible 4 pages. so sad.
    just need to focus on my other subjects though. how are you going with those? also what atar are you aiming for?
    your crazy! you wrote SHIT loads. you'll be fine! I'm sure you will get at least a band 5. have some more confidence in yourself.
    like i know quality > quantity, but come on. unless you wrote about something TOTALLY off track, they wouldn't give you like a 5/20 for them all. you'll do great! how many words per line roughly? If you say more than 7 than you must write at the speed of light haha.
    im HOPING for a band 5. Id be ecstatic. but may get a band 4. i HATE english.
    Uhh, I'm actually out of the estimations business...so you'll have to ask someone else. I'm sure you'll do fine.
    That should be fine, I think thats pretty much what most band 5+ people write. Remember quality is greater than quantity.
    I don't really know Hayden coz I have no classes with him.
    Which Joseph and Michael?

    Yeah, our year is pretty good. I think we'll get like 7 in the 95-99.8 range but I don't think that highly of the kids that aren't in my chem class and stuff. There's about 20 that are capable of 90+ but I think like 14 will actually pull it off.
    Also all the smart kids at my school do sciences except for like two guys and they aren't really that smart but they work really hard.

    I hope I do well too. Lol
    I don't think I will though.
    Cool. I'm going for MBBS at wherever I get in… probably UWS.
    They're okay I guess but not good enough for 97.5 at the moment so I have to do better. :/
    Yeah but you are probably not aiming as high as me and reaching your goals. It's all about what you want to achieve and shit it's not about comparing with others. :p

    Where do you go?

    You will for sure get that.
    Yeah they usually keep your rank the same as an estimate or whatever even if you were showing improvement. Although, my school makes you sit an alternate paper because last year about 3 people ranked first in subjects faked sick and got doctors' certificates and locked in their rank even though they were shit cunts.
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