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  • I have your slippers!

    In the picture in your siggie, there are a pair of black slippers next to a pink chair.

    I have those slippers too! XD
    I saw you have posts about grip strength. The main way to increase grip strength is to increase forearm strength. Try some forearm exercises like hammer curls , dumbell wrist curls, barbell wrist curls to increase your forearm strength. The greater your forearm strength, the heavier u can lift.
    You don't even go to a real uni.

    I am going to keep this up.
    Deadlifts and bent rows work your grip quite well.

    I used to have problems with grip, so what I did is I used a double overhand grip on my warm ups and a mixed grip for my working sets (mixed grips are much easier to hold) that way both get worked.

    It doesnt sound like grip is a problem for you yet, give deadlifts a try and you'll probably find you'll cope. If not, try some plate pinches (pick a plate for each hand and squeeze it between your fingers for as long as you can).

    Dont worry about accessory stuff like grip bro, just focus on the big exercises - squats, rows, pull ups, dips, deadlifts, power cleans, overhead press, bench press, heavy abdominal work and a set of curls here and there and the little things will come.
    Ass to grass. That way you dont neglect hamstrings/calves. When you hear about all those injuries with squats, alot (though most are to do with people not arching their backs) is because people do partial squats and their knees/hams/calves dont get the work. So when they go too low they hurt themselves.

    Squats and deadlifts are very natural movements mate, if you do them properly they're safe.
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