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  • hi friend :) (sorry i didnt ask your name) - - whats ur name btw?
    yep jihoo som bae his cool ^ ^
    'why did this disease choose me' ... the saddest quote i've ever heardd

    nice subjects ~ are u enjoying them ?
    mine are:
    Ex 1 maths
    Englsih adv
    Japanese continuers
    modern history
    ok ~ its good ur not procastinating like.. me : (
    wells tty l
    lol thats ok, if you still wanna come then tell us, we'll find some obvious place where we can all meet up.
    maff :)

    god whenever you come on irc you stay for such a short period of time :(

    btw, jet is coming to the meat. george st cinemas, 4pm thursday.
    Haha, anything besides the actual work which is supposed to be done can be made into procrastination. xD

    Good to see that you like Chem. :)

    Lol if you think Year 11 Bio has a lot of memorising, then wait till you get to Year 12. ;)

    What are you doing in English and how's Maths, Eco and Modern?
    maff where have ya been :(

    on here but never on irc? also we cordially invite you to our first bos irc meat!
    hello what'sur name btw?
    yep i've watched Boys over Flowers *squeal
    gosh jihoo's soo handome kekkoidesu !
    and yepp watched 1 L of tears ~~ yes i agree.. it was anguishing
    i cried like in every episode except Ep 1 &2 Hahah
    soo wat subs u doin atm ?
    Year 12 Bio was super-bludgy and boring before a former favourite teacher returned and somehow enlightened the whole class this term. Now bludging in Bio is prohibited/not possible/no one would because we respect the teacher.

    Chem - Things are going very slowly in my opinion. We've had three lessons so far this term, and the teacher's been away for two of them. xD But last lesson we made natural indicators aka boiled red cabbage. The solution changed into pretty colours upon being placed in numerous acids and bases. ^_^

    Although Year 12 is treating me rather badly, I've been okay (at least still alive), thanks. :)

    How's Year 11 treating you?
    LOL Year 11 Physics isn't anywhere near as exciting as in Year 12 tbh.

    Wow your school has a lecture theatre! My school just has classrooms. :p

    Haha tbh Year 11 bio... sucks. >.<

    But my advice for bio would be to pay attention in class. If you get given summary booklets with cloze passages and questions, do them prior to the relative assessments. Understand the concepts (there aren't really that many) then you should be fine. By doing these things, it will make it much easier to prepare for exams, leaving more time for you to revise harder subjects. Year 11 Bio is pretty much common sense tbh.

    You like English? *envy* I don't like it that much. :p
    Hey how are things going? How do you find your subjects?

    I notice that you have dropped Physics! Why?

    Oh, and just something I've learnt recently: Year 12 Bio is not "super duper easy". It requires more memorising than Chem, in fact pure memorising. <ok end rant>

    Year 12's been treating me fine, only worry is that my ranks will deteriorate. Must maintain consistency ;)
    Year 12 is not too different from the preliminary course. However, The assessment block (1st term year 12) will destroy your mind if your not ready for it. Intense two weeks of 6 hours each day of purely assignments/essays. Thankfully, the holidays were right after.

    Good luck for year 11 and beyond! :)
    hello ur in year 11 ya?
    i am too
    can i add you?
    OHh and im interested in jap too !
    im doing jap and im kroean so it's going alright ~~~~

    wats ur natioo
    yeah they've been alright, pretty draining but otherwise fine. Already have a few things im going to change in my timetable. How about you?
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