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  • omgosh lmao was just reading the thread bout "curvy" girls etc in "love and relationships" forum!

    I tried to +rep u but it wudnt let me ! lol

    All i can say is gud on u 4 saying wat u think! I mean some guys prefer broom sticks or as u said "cliche'd halloween costumes" instead of a lil curves and try to impose it on the rest!

    lol anywayz tc
    Hello... hows it going?

    hows drama coming along? I found out today that for prelim exam we have to write 2 essays :(

    next week we're watching the HSC assesments for drama...should be good, is ur skool doing the same thing (getting yr 11s to be an audience?) ?
    i realise that. but from my experience with other people who i would put in her calliber (can't spell btw) anything is possible.
    haha...yeahh id be too scared to breathe the same air as her...ill wear a surgical mask when i do eventually deck the bitch... i definately don't want to catch her disease
    I had her number.... but I was civil enough to delete her number... I don't want to stoop to her level...she'll end up in a trailer park with seven kids to different dads.
    haha yeahh lol. i wanna stabe her in the face. she's lucky i wasn't at school all week (Work Placement) if my girls knew they'd be over there ASAP. i plan on breaking the bitch... (sorry im very hostile when it comes to her, normally irl im rather placid)
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