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  • SICKNESS!!!! i can give pos rep, woohoo!!!:lol:

    really? i thought Dark Knight and the original were both pretty awesome, but i only had the chance to see Dark Knight at the movies, so that impacted on the 'wow' factor for me i guess

    yeah, do u reckon Naboo? i was thinkin Coruscant, and couldn't decide so i put Earth instead, what do u reckon? :jedi:

    i read your about me and was dissapointed, all i know is that u want to do heaps with ur life!!! (your fields of interest) but i love the sig, it has alot of meaning to it, i only just realised how alone Luke was in the end as a result!!!!
    i don't detest you, you're just a person, i treat you with the same level of criticism as i do with everyone else and have always been open about this. and really to label someone negging you repeatedly as 'attacking' seems rather petty to me
    Hey there
    sorry, I honestly didn't mean to offend you, I think I took my words too lightly. I wasn't making concrete judgements, in fact i was mostly guessing. Sorry.


    ok, let's assume that is about you, why would something i say disappoint you? i mean let's be frank, we are nothing more than casual acquaintances? so really i don't see how anything i say could have any minuscle impact on you whatsoever, i am after all, just another person in this world who you can put face to a name to?

    p.s. i am super drunk
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