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  • I've got no idea if they're stuck as such, but I've got the feeling that cause they were heading up North they might find it hard to fly out.
    Simple hey? I should apply to work there... there's a baker's delight at my nearest shopping centre. Hmm... As long as it pays better and is less physically difficult then maccas.
    Ew, sounds like a hard exam. Kinda glad I don't do PE, I was never good at it. At all!
    Ha, well I know my EE2 mentor's away... she and my Advanced teacher are in Europe. I'm hoping they're not up North yet, with the whole environmental disaster thing going on...
    Don't want to have to get a new mentor right now.
    Ooh! That sounds funner then McDonalds... I'm applying for new jobs thank gawd.
    What is sports science like at uni?
    Absolutely NONE :haha:
    ...I'm a teeny bit screwed.
    At least my ee2 mentor isn't back till week 3, so I have a bit more time to do some work.
    Where do you work?
    I did. I'm caught between quite a few obsessions right now: True Blood, Mad Men, GLEE, cute models, Six Feet Under... where to begin! :party:

    School starts again tomorrow. Urgh
    Thank you ^_^
    I loved it. I loved it so much. He is so brilliant! I'm going to paint a portrait of him :D
    interesting...perhaps i am thinking of a different the shire. baulkham hills area?
    Umm, I'm not at Uni yet, the hsc is ok. Midcourses- whoops, half yearly exams? Gah. My bad. Hoping I did alright... :)
    Nah, Scarecrow. I read 5 Greatest Warriors last year xD As soon as I got it I sped through the first bit to find out what happened to Jack =P It was sooo good! I can't wait to read whatever's next xD
    I loooove Matthew Reilly! I've read 6 of his books already and am on the 7th xD why yes, yes I am from America ;) It's pretty sweeeet :) Lol, no worries, I stalk people every day *shifty eyes*
    Haha that is awesome xD Wow! Looking at your prfile we really are alike! Tv, music, subjects! Lol and Cyanide and Happiness =]
    ahahah. my cat is so cheeky!!! he has too much character! he'll walk on the laptop just to distract me... he'll curl right in between me and my laptop and spred his paws all over the keyboard so i cant type. he sits behind the laptop on my bed and will wop his paws around the edges of the laptop. he trys to get into the "green bags" bcoz he likes the feel of the material... i have so many weird and wonderful pictures of him doing funny things ahah
    When I got my wisdom teeth out all i did was watch BSG haha. I'll probably give Caprica a go, i'm just working my way through various other tv shows atm
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