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    My sister brings home shit movies like Piranhas for me to watch :/ I need to get out of the house.
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    Your Most Anticipated Movies in 2011

    Sucker Punch, Little Red Riding Hood, a few weeks ago I would have said Black Swan (saw that yesterday) and SCRE4M Oh, I heard about 'The Ring' franchise going in 3D with a new movie-- I wouldn't mind seeing that.
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    Heya, Hokays, um, I got 95.3 for my 2009 ATAR, and I originally started another course-- (B...

    Heya, Hokays, um, I got 95.3 for my 2009 ATAR, and I originally started another course-- (B Exercise & Sport Science @ USYD)-- didn't like it and I think the cut off ATAR for B Education (Human Movement...) was 81.3 (?) I'm pretty sure it was 81.something And yes, my intention is to become...
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    Physiotherapy - Assumed Knowledge!

    I did B Exercise & Sport Science @ USYD last year, and we basically did the same Semester 1 classes as Physio kids-- there's Biomechanics in first semester that we both sit, but its assumed that no-one has much or any physics background and they teach you all the fundamental principles right...
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    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Human Movement and Health Education) @USYD :)
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    *uac main offers thread

    I have a terrible feeling I won't get my first preference :/ because for some weird twist of fate (or stupidity) I screwed my UAC application. Anyways, good luck :)
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    To drink, or not to drink?

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    Favourite music genre

    I just put rock, because it encompasses the huge range of subgenres that I like :D
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

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    ITT things that make you face palm at the gym.

    Whoa, you should chuck a dumbbell at him next time.
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    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    ^Lucky you x 10 000 000!!`~!
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    Things that annoy you.

    hangovers. blegh.
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    What have you eaten today?

    Freeze the mince ?