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Born Dancer
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  • Do you work at virgin music in myer by any chance? I swear I saw you on Saturday morning as I was leaving. If it was you, I'm so sorry for not saying hi! I kind of stared at you for a while and smiled awkwardly, I was a bit dazed and in a rush!
    Ok, so apparently I just deducted rep off of you.
    I meant to add it sorry.
    medical science at usyd :)
    today was so boring, i had a 8am maths lecture and then a 5hour break and then a physics lecture. all the people in my course are even more anti-social than me haha so i had no one to hang out with from my course, so i sat in the library and read for a bit and then met up with a friend for a while. pretty bad day to start off uni haha :(
    oh cool so is english lit like creative writing and stuff or do you just study other people's works?
    eww i imagine working hungover is NOT fun at all :(
    im good, pretty excited/nervous about uni starting tomorrow but kind of dreading it at the same time because my timetable on mondays is really crap. i have a 5 hour break between lectures :( dunno what i'm gonna do haha
    where do you work? do you go to uni or anything?
    ha-ha, well couldn't help but lol at your rep, no point giving any to you anyhow, as for rides, i dont drive a skyline...so i don't see what all the fuss is about, you just outdone yourself stupid really, who said skylines are the shiit? i dont know what it is you ride, but seeing your a chick, your driving probably stinks and you probably drive a shitty Hyundai getz or Toyota echo 2 door, how about this, how about i challenge your crappy ride...go on, i dare ya, i double dare ya, whateva it is im not expecting anything wow, seeing you probably drive a shitty 1.4L engine, while im driving a 3.5L v6 supercharged and modded with ECU programming, headers, full catback exhaust system, and cold air intake and K&N filter, i annihilated alot of skylines, supras, V8's you name it, don't patronize me/ challenge me you dweed!!! Id embarrass your ass to the point, you don't ever wanna drive to the shops again..hahaha!!!
    trust me buy it :). But depends on what you like obviously?? Watch it online maybe.
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