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  • hey mate, thanks for the answer. i appreciate it.

    and yeah, it is a fucking beautiful watch. i love that it's such a large, chunky watch
    thank you for that. it actually made me feel a bit better. :)
    i guess.. i'll see how it goes; the thing with my situation is if i do do something, there's a chance that everything could snowball into a far worse situation. my education, unfortunately, isn't the only thing at stake.
    i don't think i'll end up acting on it; when everything gets better, i can usually convince myself it's not a big deal [: and it has all gotten a lot better than it used to be. just have to stick through the tough times :cool:
    XD well, other than that freaky "my lungs are infinite" moment, it's a rather easy song, probably not band 6 material, so I'm going to play it on guitar (including the intro, but not including the little guitar break half way through the song) and sing it duet with my mate :D We can add some little harmonies and things for the markers, and hey presto! marks! :p
    Cheers, I'm going to need it. I still have to rush that reeeeeaaaaallllllllyyyyyy long halleluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujah near the end XD I just don't have that kind of luch capacity :p I can do the slightly shorter one right after it without problem, but that one is just rediculously long XD
    lol that's good to hear. i am probably a hipster but seriously if i see someone else like that it insanely pisses me off. don't worry, i am sure you will find a nice asian girl to give your aussie citizenship to
    lol yeah i guess that is what you expect especially in commerce. yeah mate beautiful girls everywhere, there are even beautiful lonely girls.
    i'm at usyd doing Bachelor of political economic social sciences, tbh just a rebranding of a BA like every other degree in usyd arts faculty. what are you doing?
    Cheers for the Rep.
    I reckon Jeff Buckley is a gem in shit.
    (pardon my french)

    Props to the man for staying true to how music feels.
    best food on campus...
    if im at the front end of uni i go to the quad foodcourt.
    if im at the other end, i go to mathews foodcourt for indian food or pide/kebabs, or i go to pavilions (upstairs from mathews foodcourt) for a $4 chicken salad roll from the azn place.
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