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  • haha
    yeah thats fiine
    no worries =] haha aw im the same lol totally suck at it
    yup yup =[ last thursday
    it went lots better than i expected
    n we got these massive pub-style glass cups with the school stuff on it
    its like they're incouraging us to drink lol
    my favourite is the part in la Marais (the gay guys) and i also love the one with the muslim girl. i've been to that mosque, for yummy moroccan tea =) not for praying
    haha yeah, it's a bitch! but it's interesting =)

    oh! i love Paris, Je T'aime! such a good movie ! we sometimes get dialogue in continuers, i like it =)
    but yeah, with beginners you have to make sure you do really well!
    actually i have a list of french grammar (i found it somewhere on bored of studies) that i can email you if you'd like?
    yeah, i assume it's the same for beginners on that =)
    french extension speaking is a bitch haha they like give you a sentence about one of the 3 themes that we study - outsider vs social order (code for belonging FML!), the environment and attachment
    then you have 10 minutes to prepare 2 orals of about 3minutes each
    then you go do the monologues with the examiner just sitting there.

    my continuers lady kept like extensively nodding, like one of those toys with the wobbly heads ahah it was just really off putting and she asked me the same question twice =S
    how is the rest of your study going?
    np! i dont really check bored of studies too much either, so thats okay =)

    i'm sure you were fine =) as long as you could answer most things, it'll be alright! they mark on pronunciation and content, so if you do have a really good pronunciation mark that's always good!! =)

    my extension exam was pretty continuers was crap haha, my examiner was so dodgy =(
    haha cool
    lol im not really lookin forward to being another year older but yeah
    haha wells have fun countingdown lol what are you gonna do for your 18th??
    aw thats crap! i hate it when they put to freakin things on the same day... its hard enough with just one dammmittt
    aww lol what is she gonna do for her 18th
    thats cool though lol i wanna be 18 dammit
    when are you 18??
    haha im guessin its not working??
    ahh im meant to be doing my maths homework...too distracted though lol
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