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advanced english

  1. J

    Selling full year 12 band 6 bio, legal, and adv english notes and essays msg on 0417010462

    Hey lovelies, I received a band 6 2023 in biology legal and adv English and I am here to sell completed notes for bio and legal (around 100 pages each) all legal essays on all topics, and all adv English essays on all topics for your HSC. I would love to share! I have attached some previews...
  2. tamdz

    [100% REFUND IF NO BAND 5 OR ABOVE] Experienced English Standard and Advanced Tutoring

    Check out fathaenglishtutoring! A private one-on-one tutoring at just $30 per hour, including a free trial to see if you like it or not. The tutoring landscape in Sydney today for English is bleak - many tutors opt to lazily write essays for students or pretend to understand the syllabus and...
  3. thatnormster

    Best 2 units of English counts towards ATAR... What does that mean?

    I'm taking Extension 2 English. Does that mean that if I nail Extension 1 and Extension 2 English, and do horribly for Advanced, then those 2 English units will count and Advanced is completely forgotten about?
  4. D

    What study tips do you have for Ancient/Modern History, Advanced English/Maths?

    Hello! I've been mainly been hitting the high band 5~ish mark, but not quite getting into band 6 for Ancient and Modern History as well as Advanced English, so if you have any particular advice about what really gets you into those top bands, please do leave a comment <3 Also, any names of...
  5. J

    hsc advanced english

    Hi! i was wondering if people could give me an outline of all the hsc advanced english exams and what they can involve - just started year 12 but would like to know what im getting into haha
  6. A

    TMOV help please

    Besides showing Antonio's willingness to give everything to Bassanio, what else does this quote do, "“My purse, my person, my extremest means."? Like the impact it has on responders?
  7. T

    Time Management Advice?

    Hey Guys! I now have approx 8 weeks till the HSC and I was wondering if anyone had any good time management advice? It's been one week since our Alternative Trials finished and I haven't really done anything proper yet (I'm burnt out lol but I managed to get in 3 hours overall this entire...
  8. Seedonator

    Am I screwed with Standard English?

    I'm at the end of year 11 right now and basically what's happened is in year 10 when picking my subjects for year 11, I decided to pick Standard English instead of Advanced because I hate English the most but I didn't really know about scaling for ATAR and stuff back then. Later I read that band...
  9. N

    Help in finding a technique

    What technique would this sentence use? or would it just be questioning? "But tell me, Taro, don’t you worry at times we might be a little too hasty in following the Americans?"
  10. justbellaforshort

    (ENGLISH) Just finished Year 11 Term 1, beyond overwhelmed by what's in store

    From Year 7-10, I've always been confident in my studies, getting A's frequently save for when I'd have maths exams, which I'd work really hard to get high C's or low B's in. I thought I was so smart and really remarkable. Then, I start Year 11, and I find that I'm not that remarkable. If...
  11. J


    Hi Class of 2021! I have high quality, extensive notes for sale that I worked on throughout the year and have spent hours on making sure each part of the syllabus is covered. I achieved internal rankings as seen below and various Band 6 results in HSC trial exams...
  12. M

    Help with my multimodal task?

    My multimodal question for the eng adv common module is; "Our experiences are defined by a tension between a yearning to belong and a desire for freedom. Evaluate the extent to which your prescribed and related texts support this statement" My prescribed text is Merchant of Venice and my...
  13. N

    Highly Detailed Top 3 Rank Business Studies and Economics Notes For Sale

    Hi everyone, Since I have recently completed my HSC, I've decided to offer my notes and essay exemplars from Business Studies and Economics. This is because my ranks of 2nd and 3rd, respectively, have been largely attributed to my construction and utilisation of these high-quality note-sets. I...
  14. J

    Detailed *NEW SYLLABUS 2020* - Advanced English, Chemistry, Biology, Modern History Notes - *RAW MARKS 91+*

    Hi everyone! I am a current 2020 Year 12 student, completing my HSC within the next few weeks. Over the course of the year, I have written extremely detailed notes based entirely on the *HSC NEW SYLLABUS (2019-present)* and incorporated a wide variety of resources such as Atomi, Matrix, ATAR...
  15. C

    What English Paragraph Structure Acronym Should I Be Using???

    Seeing this was the last straw between me not asking and 100% asking this. What structure should I be using during exams?? I'm currently doing Othello for Year 11 Module B. I've heard PEEL,TEEL,PETAL,SEAL and more which is the best? is PETAL and TEEL meant to be used as two seperate. I've heard...
  16. Bumblebee_18

    Subject Selection Help plz

    SO, I'm so so stressed for the subject selection, I'm stuck on 11 units and I can't decide on any more subjects because I'm kinda scared of what the workload and will be like. Our school interview was NOT helpful, the person in front of me kept talking and my appointment was delayed and...
  17. S

    Selling Notes - 1st in State History Extension and 2nd in State English Advanced

    I'm selling both my History Extension notes and my English Advanced notes - I came first in the State and second in the State in these courses respectively. The topics I studied and their prices are as follow: History Extension: The Historians: (Bede, Gibbon, Von Ranke, Windschuttle...
  18. B

    band 6 standard english, is it possible?

    so i chose standard english because all my english teachers said that advance is wayy harder than standard. and the workload is very different and that most people shouldn’t do advanced. now that i have chosen standard, i want to move up to advanced because i find standard is too easy and i...
  19. LegoSlaughter

    Worth buying intoenglish or top notes study guides

    I'm looking to try and improve my english mark to a band 6 and wonder if it's worth buying study guides for each of my texts. The top notes ones are nearly half the price, but if it means it's not going to be as in-depth i'd rather pay more. The ones I am looking at are both on...
  20. T

    HELP!!! 1984 Advanced English

    Hey Guys, I'm currently a year 12 advanced English student ahhh :/ I am studying 1984 by George Orwell and need lots of help analysing it for the human experience of suffering. also... if anyone has any good points on connecting and comparing 1984 by George Orwell and Guernica by Pablo Picasso...