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atar estimate

  1. B

    ATAR vibe check

    I'm about halfway through yr 11 right now and im just wondering what results i should be looking for/worried about if i want to achieve a 95+ atar Im currently first in all the subjects im taking and averaging 90+ on all assignments, but my school isn't the greatest and I'm rural so im worried...
  2. mary555

    ATAR estimate

    heeey.... it'd be v helpful if someone could help me with an ATAR estimate :O here are my my ranks and trial marks (+ final hsc marks for accel courses) and the no. of band 6's my previous cohort received. my school is ranked uhh.. top 200 at least! -- Maths Adv. Accelerated - 92/100 - 10...
  3. N

    Atar Estimation pls

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me estimate my ATAR thank you!!! I do maths adv, maths ex1, Chinese and literature, Japanese beginner, EALD My school rank around 60, (last year's cohort was quite gud tho, so it rank in 50+) My chemistry trial is 66% rank18 / 57 (but my cumulative rank is 13...
  4. A

    Atar Estimate Please

    Hello, an atar estimate would be really helpful thanks. school rank is 140 English Advanced --------------------- Rank 10 ( 85% school mark) - 7b6 Economics ----------------------------- Rank 2 ( 88.5% school mark) - 3b6 Studies of Religion II ------------------ Rank 2 ( 87% school mark) - 4b6...
  5. W

    ATAR Estimation Please

    Hi, my marks have recently been a bit slack and I'm worried for whether or not my ATAR will be sufficient enough to get into the courses I want (85/90ish required). My school's rankings have honestly fluctuated a lot because of COVID, but it's generally in the 80-120 range (except for 2021...
  6. 8

    Atar Estimate

    Hi, I’m a year 12 student at a school ranked 80-100 over the years. These are the ranks for my subjects: English Advanced: rank 80/105 (sadly my rank will probably drop to 95-100 after the rank for our recent assessment come out; a side note, around 85-90% of my school gets band 5 & 6 for...
  7. J

    ATAR estimate

    Subject ranks (b6 in 2020) English adv - 18/46 (6 b6) Math ext 1 - 5/12 (5 b6) Math ext 2 - 4/7 (1 b6) Physics - 4/16 (1 b6) Chemistry - 6/28 (2 b6) Engineering Studies - 1/9 (1 b6) School is ranked around 250. Was looking for an honest estimate. Thanks
  8. G

    Atar Estimate pls

    School ranks 100-150 most years, well off public school 5/21 Biology Trial, 5/21 Nesa Rank plain trial mark is 74.7 band 6s(2021/2020/2019) 8/3/6 26/37 English Advanced Trial, 21/37 Nesa Rank, plain trial mark is 55 band 6s(2021/2020/2019) 2/10/7 26/42 Mathematics Advanced, Trial 25/42 Nesa...
  9. J

    Can i get 90+ atar with these results?

    My school is ranked around 200th in NSW My internal ranks are: English advanced: 26/47 Mathematics Extension 1: 1/30 Mathematics Extension 2: 4/7 Physics: 3/30 Chinese Continuers: 1/8 My English really is just average (below average probably), I got a raw mark of 70/100 for trials For trials...
  10. E

    Atar estimate?

    Hey guys, My school rank lies at around 200. my internal marks and ranks weren’t as good as I’d have liked. eng std: - mark: 82 - rank: 6/66 ipt: - mark: 84 - rank: 2/11 sdd: - mark: 79 - rank: 5/9 math 2u - mark: 77 - rank: 13/25 physics: - mark: 60 :( - rank: 16/24 I expect to do a lot...
  11. jimmysmith560

    Atar Estimate

    Having considered this information, I believe that you could be looking at an ATAR ranging from 94 to 96. Your performance appears to be favourable in all of your subjects, with this mostly being the case of English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced and Legal Studies. Chemistry and Biology seem to...
  12. Y

    Atar Estimate?

    I just got my ranks back (I'm in Year 12), which means my internals are all completed. I just wanted to know if it was possible to get a 75-80 atar with these ranks? (given that I grind for the HSC exams) English Advanced: 21/39 - Overall mark: 75 Business Studies: 14/64 - Overall mark: 83...
  13. F

    Atar Estimate

    Was looking for a rough atar estimate. School rank is around 150 subject || rank || band 6s each year English Advanced: 6/79 | 6-12 Biology: 1/66 | 2-7 Legal Studies: 5/37 | 4-5 SOR II: 4/17 | 3-5 I also accelerated math advanced last year and got a hsc mark of 95. Thanks :)
  14. P

    Atar Estimate?

    Im graduating 2022 and doing PDHPE, Biology, Math Advanced, English Advanced, Science Extension and Chemistry. I completed the accelerated course for Biology and Math Advanced and gave the HSC last year. I got 84 for Math and 85 for Biology. I had the choice to repeat but I made the decision to...
  15. C

    can i get an 80 atar with these ranks?

    currently breaking down over trying to get an 80 atar as my mental health slowly but surely declines but here are my subjects and ranking: biology: 7/29 chemistry:13/21 english:38/62 (horrific i know) legal:6/22 maths: 11/35 school ranking: 120-150s amnt of ppl in my grade:110-120ish
  16. mary555

    90+ ATAR Likelihood

    hi, i'm in year 10 and subject selection is coming up, so I was wondering what the likelihood of receiving of a 90+ atar is with the subjects i'm thinking about taking: - advanced english - extension 1 english - studies of religion 1 (compulsory in my school) - advanced maths - modern history -...
  17. imxprt

    Is it possible to get a high ATAR of 99.95 with standard English?

    I was wondering can you get a 99.95 ATAR with standard English? If you have 4U maths to carry it to the atar?
  18. W

    Is internal ranking really that important?

    Hi, So recently I discovered the importance of internal rankings and its impact on my final HSC mark/ATAR. I'm personally more of a science/math person, meaning that I will need to complete depth studies for two of my subjects (physics and chemistry). To be honest, depth studies are my weakest...
  19. B

    Atar Estimate?

    Hi guys, if people could give me an ATAR estimate that would be great. Does anyone think 70 is possible?? Legal studies-73 (3/12) English- 75 (9/41) Society and Culture- 83 (3/11) PDHPE- 60 (4/23) Human Services- 65 (9/12)
  20. Pablo_35

    Someone Estimate My ATAR !

    Hello members of BOS ! I just received all my subject rankings back and was wondering if you guys can help me estimate my ATAR. I go to a school that's around top 150. My ranks are: English Standard: 18/69 Maths Advanced: 32/63 Physics: 9/32 Chemistry: 17/34 Engineering Studies: 1/11 These...