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  1. Z

    motivation help PLEASE :(

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! basically the title. i find it incredibly difficult to do any of my work, ever. i can't even sit myself down to do homework even when it's easy. i don't know what my problem is. my whole life i've been very lucky to do decently well (80s and 90s, even 100s) in every...
  2. SB257426

    Do teachers ever find out what ATAR you got ?

    Just curious... but do they find out what ATAR you got or do we just have to tell them what we got. I feel like my chem and english marks will disappoint me and i dont really wanna show them my ATAR as those marks may drag it down
  3. A

    Disadvantaged pathways to Medicine degrees

    Hey there, I'm Marty, I'm a journalist at the ABC who's researching the positives and negatives of the university admissions system for future med students. In particular, how it benefits or misses the mark when it comes to giving students from low socio-economic areas (low SES) a better shot...
  4. Y

    Cohort on Atar

    If my cohort is half smart half not very smart, would it significantly affect my atar at all?
  5. D

    For those with 90+ ATAR, how did you achieve it?

    For people who have achieved an ATAR of 90 and over, what did you do in order to achieve it? Did you have tutoring or did you study endlessly?
  6. J

    Atar Estimate Please

    Hello everyone, I bombbed paper I and II for english advanced and Im really worried if Im going to get into medicine. My ucat was 88th pecentile So far my ranks are this: Rank 109/160 for english Rank 45/48 for english extension Rank 40/70 for maths ext 2 Rank 48/140 for math extension one...
  7. mary555

    ATAR estimate

    heeey.... it'd be v helpful if someone could help me with an ATAR estimate :O here are my my ranks and trial marks (+ final hsc marks for accel courses) and the no. of band 6's my previous cohort received. my school is ranked uhh.. top 200 at least! -- Maths Adv. Accelerated - 92/100 - 10...
  8. M


    Hi, would really appreciate an estimate pls internal ranks chemistry: 19/31 standard eng: 15/104 economics: 7/14 business: 22/43 adv Maths: 48/52 number of people that got a band 6 last year: chem: 1 standard eng: 5 business: 3 economics: 2 adv maths: 22 (ik maths is horrible we don't talk...
  9. M


    Hi, would really appreciate an estimate pls internal ranks chemistry: 19/31 standard eng: 15/104 economics: 7/14 business: 22/43 adv Maths: 48/52 (ik maths is horrible we don't talk about it) my school rank is around 60's am I screwed is it still possible to get an atar of 88 i want to do...
  10. M

    Matrix Atar Calculator Questions

    How accurate is the matrix education atar calculator? Also, do you put in your raw marks or your scaled mark estimates?
  11. A

    Is it easy to get an atar of 68?

    because i received an conditional offer of 68 atar
  12. M

    Public VS Catholic VS Independent Schools

    Just wanted to hear peoples experiences from each type of school, the experience, teachers, work, environment etc. Is there an advantage to going to a catholic/private/independent school over a public school. Do Unis care about what hs you went to if you got a good atar?
  13. M

    School Prohibiting Subject

    My brother is in year 10 and is starting his subject selection process now, the school has not "recommended" him for physics so he is unable to do the subject. The school gives a recommendation for some subjects to dictate what subjects students can do. He is doing pretty well in year 10...
  14. M

    What Are The NESA rules on picking up and dropping a prelim course

    Are there any deadlines or other rules?
  15. M

    Earth & Environmental VS Design & Tech Scaling

    What is the difference in terms of scaling?
  16. bobbywoo


    Hey there I was just wondering what my atar would be Would I need to ace externals to get a good atar?? I do Physics, Maths advance, Legal studies, Engineering studies,English standard I go to a rank 50 school in nsw My ranks are Physics: 44/55 Maths: 70/140 English: 30/151 Engineering...
  17. sophiie.burns

    things that helped me stay organised in my HSC year

    hey these are some vids that I wish I found when I first started year 12 x How to Organise Your Notes (for a great ATAR!) Make Sure You're Answering the Question Ace the Unseen Texts in the HSC English Exams How to Write HSC Visual Art Essays
  18. M

    Guidance On How To Become An Investment Banker And Ideal Pathways + ATAR

    Going to keep it very short and concise. I am in year 11. I want to pursue a high end finance job such as investment banking, private equity etc. Does anybody qualified to speak have any advice for me regarding an ideal ATAR range and what pathways/courses to pursue?
  19. M

    Not Sure Whether To Drop PE And Pickup A VET Course for a 90+ ATAR pathway

    Hey Everybody, I'm a year 11 student that is currently undertaking Maths Advanced, English Standard, Investigating Science, Business Studies and PDHPE. I am doing quite well in Math and my goal is to get a 90+ ATAR. I'll be honest I dislike PDHPE as a subject and I want to drop it. Since I will...
  20. 9

    Shitty internals VS good HSC result

    It's doing my head in--my school which ranks at around top 50 in NSW really fluctuates every year because we rely on the cohorts' ability to do well (it's not a selective high so...). My internal marks are not looking too well and while I ranked in top 3 in all my subjects during year 11, I had...