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band 6

  1. D


    Hi everyone, My name is Djordje, I graduated in 2023 with a 96 ATAR and am currently selling my HSC Biology notes for a negotiable price of $30. Please message me on the website if anyone is interested in purchasing or making an offer.
  2. S

    click if u wanna state rank chem

    I understand the hate for people who sell their own notes or resources, but these resources are from a popular tutoring company (dm for name), and tbh I'm scared they can track it back to me lol, tried to make prices as reasonable as possible cause I was BROKE in yr 12 but the game is the game...
  3. 4

    Selling HSC Study Notes (99.0 ATAR): Bio (94), Bus (94), PDH (95) and English (95)

    Hey guys, My name is Mia, I finished the HSC in 2019 and with a 99.00 ATAR and received the Premier's Award for All-round Excellence + the Honour Roll. I'm currently in my 3rd year of Medicine. I thought I'd reach out to your cohort because one of my biggest regrets in year 11 and 12 was...
  4. C

    Agriculture tutor

    Hey, I'm a B6 Ag student. I tutor Agriculture (Preliminary - HSC) if anyone is interested cos I know it's a niche subject so it's hard to find a tutor for. I also teach Biology (Prelim-HSC) and Maths (yr 6 - HSC Adv 2U) Can also sell resources if interested as well. Residence in Leumeah...
  5. Serge Gainsbourg

    Thesis, Anthesis, Synthesis (?) Band 6 help

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on two essays which I will have to re-write in class with a set of notes to assist me. I already sent my teacher the essays for feedback and he said I should be getting a high Band 5,, but I'm aiming for a Band 6. I want to include some sort of Thesis...
  6. L

    99.95 ATAR 2019 Graduate - Band 6 and State-Ranking Study Notes For Sale (Chem, Phys, English Adv, SOR I)

    Hi everyone! My name is Louisa and I graduated in 2019 with an ATAR of 99.95. I've just finished my third year in the Double Degree Medicine Program at USYD, and have been helping out high school students as a tutor and with my resources for over three years. I'm selling my high quality, new...
  7. N

    Need help with English?

    If you require assistance with English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Business Studies and/or Legal Studies feel free to contact me. I've been a tutor for 5 years and have recently undertaken 13 HSC students - I have been accumulating my resources based on feedback from HSC...
  8. A

    Selling Summary Notes for PDHPE (Band 6), Business Studies (Band 6) and Biology (Band 5)

    I am a HSC 2021 graduate and received an atar of 95.6. I'm offering detailed summary notes for $10 per topic/module for year 12 and Year 11 PDHPE, Biology and Business Studies. This will not only save you heaps of time typing up/creating your own summary notes, but will give you access to...
  9. T

    Society and Culture Band 6 And Maybe State Rank?

    Hi! I was wondering if it was possible for a band 6 in SAC with an internal rank of 5-6 out of 13 students (with internal marks at 91%, 71%, 85%, 80%)? Last year the only person who got a band 6 had an internal of 96%... but I know a few others who got 90-100% in each internal task but didn't...
  10. T


    Ok so im in year 12 atm and i have 13 units which just feels like SO MUCH - my schools obsessed with having tons of units but i really wanna drop, my exams are in 3-5 weeks, so i cant drop a 2 UNIT COURSE till then, but i can drop extension courses, lemme list all my subjects and my marks + how...
  11. J

    Detailed *NEW SYLLABUS 2020* - Advanced English, Chemistry, Biology, Modern History Notes - *RAW MARKS 91+*

    Hi everyone! I am a current 2020 Year 12 student, completing my HSC within the next few weeks. Over the course of the year, I have written extremely detailed notes based entirely on the *HSC NEW SYLLABUS (2019-present)* and incorporated a wide variety of resources such as Atomi, Matrix, ATAR...
  12. A

    97 ATAR Eng Adv (94) + Eng Ext 1 (47) + Modern History (94 )+ Biology (93) Notes and Essays

    Hey guys : D I haven't been back here in a while but I'm going to be selling my HSC notes + essays for v cheap! I went to a top 10 selective school and got a 97+ ATAR in 2019 (so these are all for the new syllabus!), pm me for more details or proof if you want haha. The subjects I'm selling...
  13. B

    band 6 standard english, is it possible?

    so i chose standard english because all my english teachers said that advance is wayy harder than standard. and the workload is very different and that most people shouldn’t do advanced. now that i have chosen standard, i want to move up to advanced because i find standard is too easy and i...
  14. V

    Selling Band 6 Resources!

    Hi everyone! My name is Venessa and I am a 2019 graduate from Manly Selective Campus. I will be studying Psychology (Hons)/Law at UNSW in 2020. I achieved a Band 6/E4 in the subjects English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Society & Culture and Mathematics Standard. I’m selling...
  15. LegoSlaughter

    Worth buying intoenglish or top notes study guides

    I'm looking to try and improve my english mark to a band 6 and wonder if it's worth buying study guides for each of my texts. The top notes ones are nearly half the price, but if it means it's not going to be as in-depth i'd rather pay more. The ones I am looking at are both on...
  16. D

    Band 6 english essays for sale.

    Hi, im selling my band 6 english advanced essays, $15 each. Message me if you're interested.
  17. C

    High school ranking

    won't median ATAR give better judgment than band 6 rate in determining high school ranks in NSW?? (like in Western Australia)?? Why they don't do that instead? There are discrepancies in using band 6 rates for high school ranks as some courses are way easier than some (like maths ext2 vs maths...
  18. M

    HSC Study

    From a previous post, I had specified I would like to achieve a solid ATAR of 95+. Through, the first week of Year 12 (ended today) I just realised I haven't got a set plan of how I am going to achieve this goal or how to do it. Through other people's form and advice, I have learnt that everyday...
  19. 1

    Band 6 possible?

    hey i was wondering if its possible to get a band 6 for advanced english if my ranks 52/98 in a school ranked in the 60's with around 26 people get band 6 I just happened to mess up my comprehension part for trials and mod C component but now ive covered enough practices that i feel confident...
  20. F

    Is it possible to get a band 6!!!! HELP PLEASE !!!!

    Hi everyone, I've heard that the gaps between the internal ranks of students at school matter and that the internal gaps are maintained after the school marks are moderated. Is this true? If so, if a person, say, places first and attains 91% (e.g. in physics), and another places around 6th and...