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  1. S

    Is "Alchemy Tuition" good for english advanced?

    Hi there, I was just wondering if Alchemy tuition would be good for English advanced? If not, do you guys recommend any other private tutors?
  2. Gryffindor

    Advanced to standard english

    Okay so I am contemplating moving into standard english once year 12 begins (next term). I have a few questions and if anyone can provide some insight it would be much appreciated: Is the analysis generally easier? I find particularly with Shakespeare, the texts themselves and the analysis to...
  3. A

    Discursive help

    Is there anyway i can relate this stimulus with stories reconstructing history? I've only wrote a discursive on history and im struggling to relate it with the stimulus i got. Thank You! “Stories are our primary tools of learning and teaching, the repositories of our lore and legends. They bring...
  4. D

    Notes on arcadia

    Anyone have any notes/resources on the play Arcadia by Tom Stoppard? Thanks.
  5. T

    King Henry IV critical readings

    Anyone know any useful critical readings for King Henry and how to access them?
  6. J

    An English State Ranker's Guide to 20/20 Paragraph Writing | 99.95 Advice

    Hi there! I hope the trials period isn't treating you too poorly :) My name is Jess and I study double degree medicine at the University of Sydney. Here I just wanted to share a guide to 20/20 paragraph writing I wrote to help my class of 2021 students through this stressful time. It includes...
  7. D

    Looking for a tuition.

    I'm in year 10 and am doing Ext. Maths, Adv. English, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and engineering studies. I am looking for tutors for these subjects, preferably not personal. Any help would be great.
  8. N


    What technique would this sentence use? “These, of course, may not have been the precise words I used that afternoon at the Tamagawa temple”
  9. easyAessay


    Not accepting submissions via this thread anymore due to a recent influx in my PMs in particular. I really enjoy checking out your writing, though, so check out my new thread, which offers marking with value for money...
  10. E

    Selling HSC NOTES - Graduated 2020

    Selling HSC NOTES: 94.1 ATAR English Advanced - Band 6 1984 essays + analysis T.S. Eliot essays + analysis Tempest analysis + essay Mod C + samples English Extension 1 - Band 6 Frankenstien Metropolis Waiting for Godot Business Studies - Band 6 Apple case study McDonald's case study...
  11. A

    Can discursive techniques be used in imaginative texts and vice versa?

    Can discursive techniques be used in imaginative texts and vice versa? Or are they completely different? Thanks guys
  12. D

    English Assignment

    My brain is malfunctioning currently and I need help with my english assignment. I am writing a discursive and we are meant to explore the transformative impact of journeys. This isn't meant to be taken literally but more metaphorically. Are there any ideas on how I can make a discursive that...
  13. V

    Studying for HSC abroad, Would like a good online tutoring service for ENG ADV

    Hello, I saw this website while I was looking for resources to help jumpstart my HSC studies and would like some advice. Last year I completed The CIE IGCSE course and was supposed to have started grade 11 here in UAE. However, soon after, we got a PR in Australia. We were supposed to arrive...
  14. S

    Book suggestions

    I've finally come to terms with the fact that I need to start reading more books to enhance my English skills. I was wondering what everyone's favourite books of all time were so that I could start my reading journey. I prefer fiction books by the way.
  15. H

    99.75 | 1st Year Medical Student | English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Ext 1 and Ext 2, Chemistry, UCAT and Medical/Dental Interview Online Tutoring

    Hello everyone, I am a Sydney Boys graduate of class 2020 with an ATAR of 99.75.With my experience teaching a range of students from all capabilities and ages, I am confident I can work with any student and help them achieve their goals. Having been part of a competitive environment, where...
  16. E

    Paradoxes, anomalies and inconsistencies in Animal farm?

    For my assessment task, I'm looking for the anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes revealed through texts. My PT is 'The Crucible' and my RT is 'Animal Farm'. Can someone tell me any themes in common to both texts that reveal anomalies, inconsistencies and paradoxes within human nature? I have...
  17. Jarjarbinx

    casual tutoring available !

    :biglaugh: Hello ! I'm Bianca, from the class of 2020 ! I recently completed my HSC with some decent results and would love to share some of my advice through zoom-style casual sessions ! You can schedule a session or two with me to look over essays, notes, assignments etc : ) here are my...
  18. I

    English Essay - 1984

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if people could give me some feedback on which of these essay ideas they think would be most effective, I have no idea which one to decide! Thesis Idea 1: Challenges that arise from the necessary interaction between the individual and the collective Paragraph 1...
  19. A

    Tutoring for English ADVANCED/ EXTENSION 1 and 2

    Does anyone know the best tutor around the fairfield, cabramatta, canley, for English Advanced/ Extension 1,2 ? (Ngo and Sons, PEAK, Diab and co, etc)
  20. A


    Anyone know any good related texts to accompany the crucible? (preferably not 'The Scarlet Letter' as many people are already doing that)