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english extension 1

  1. C

    EE1 IRP

    Does anyone have any advice on how to choose texts that I could use for my IRP? My strong points are in creative writing (always full marks) however I'm not so confident in a critical response or creative non fiction...usually in essays I would get maybe around 15-18 out of 20. Last time I asked...
  2. S

    biology/modern or english extension

    I go to a pretty good school (top 20 selective) and I'm not sure whether I should take english extension or biology. Right now I do 13 units and 2 accelerated so in year 12 I'll have 11 units. However, that is assuming I don't pick up extension 2 maths which I might. I wanted to originally drop...
  3. E


    Skyrocket Your English Marks NOW with Elite Education! Attention, Class of 2024! 🌟 Are you truly committed to band 6ing English? 🌟 🔝 With a phenomenal 48/50 in the English Extension HSC, along with a prestigious 3rd school rank for the subject, I am someone who you can trust to consistently...
  4. A

    Tutoring from 2023 Graduate | English | Maths | Modern History

    Hi all! I'm a recent 2023 graduate from a top 30 school in the state and I'm offering 1 on 1 tutoring for English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 2, and Modern History. Academic Achievements: ATAR: 98.70 English Advanced: 96 (Internal rank of 2/171)...
  5. E


    Hello everyone! I graduated from a top NSW selective school back in 2023, and I'm currently selling the essays that I used in the Trials and HSC to achieve results in both English Advanced and Extension 1. The essays/creatives/discursive that I'm offering below are the exact ones I used and...
  6. tamdz

    Literary worlds creative task

    hi guys. i just got a 1000 word stimulus based creative task for literary worlds? any tips or indicators to maximise marks on this task?
  7. spicychickennuggets

    English Ext 1st in School| ATAR 99.50 |Band 6 HSC tutoring |English Adv & Ext 1

    Hi :) I’m Joanna and I graduated from Meriden in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.50. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)/ Law at UNSW. Offering affordable, 1-on-1 private tutoring for English Advanced and Extension 1. Qualifications for English: Overall rank 1in English...
  8. A

    Still I rise [Overcoming adversity]

    Hello, I am doing Still I rise by Maya Angelou as a human experience text but when I analyse the poem, I can not find how the author overcomes adversity. Is it alright if you help me? Thank you <3333
  9. tk8

    4U English in HSC, so Advanced doesn't count towards ATAR?

    Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, if I ace Extension 1 and Extension 2 in the HSC and I completely bomb Advanced, will Advanced not count towards my ATAR (considering I do 12 units)? Is this also a possible/recommended idea, and has anyone ever done this before? thanks!
  10. N

    Need help with English?

    If you require assistance with English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Business Studies and/or Legal Studies feel free to contact me. I've been a tutor for 5 years and have recently undertaken 13 HSC students - I have been accumulating my resources based on feedback from HSC...
  11. I

    English Adv and Possibly Ext Tutoring

    Helllo everyone, Does anyone tutor english adv or have any recommendations for good englsih tutors? (preferably in western Sydney for around $50/hr)
  12. L

    Advice for Year 11

    Hi! I’m about to start Year 11 and was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks for me to make it through the next couple of years. General info- I’m aiming for an atar of 99.5+ (pretty ambitious ik) and I’m taking the following subjects this year: 3u Maths 3u English Chemistry Ancient History...
  13. easyAessay


    Not accepting submissions via this thread anymore due to a recent influx in my PMs in particular. I really enjoy checking out your writing, though, so check out my new thread, which offers marking with value for money...
  14. Jarjarbinx

    casual tutoring available !

    :biglaugh: Hello ! I'm Bianca, from the class of 2020 ! I recently completed my HSC with some decent results and would love to share some of my advice through zoom-style casual sessions ! You can schedule a session or two with me to look over essays, notes, assignments etc : ) here are my...
  15. A

    Tutoring for English ADVANCED/ EXTENSION 1 and 2

    Does anyone know the best tutor around the fairfield, cabramatta, canley, for English Advanced/ Extension 1,2 ? (Ngo and Sons, PEAK, Diab and co, etc)
  16. C


    I have no idea what subjects to drop/keep for year 12 (grad2021). My year 11 subjects (and grades) were: Drama (A) CAFS (A) English Adv (A) English Ext (B) Business (A) Legal (A) SOR1 (A) [note: this is compulsory at my school *sigh*] I did the worst in Ext so common instinct says to drop...
  17. A

    97 ATAR Eng Adv (94) + Eng Ext 1 (47) + Modern History (94 )+ Biology (93) Notes and Essays

    Hey guys : D I haven't been back here in a while but I'm going to be selling my HSC notes + essays for v cheap! I went to a top 10 selective school and got a 97+ ATAR in 2019 (so these are all for the new syllabus!), pm me for more details or proof if you want haha. The subjects I'm selling...
  18. G

    First in State Tutor for HSC English

    Hi guys! I topped NSW in English Advanced in 2018 as well as achieving fifth in state in Extension 1 and a 48/50 in Extension 2; with my 2019 students having wrapped up their studies, I'm hoping to take on some students for the 2020 HSC class. I am a dedicated and expererienced tutor with...
  19. periodmami

    Stuck on Thesis statement, please help <3

    Hey guys I have an upcoming In-depth novel study exam for 'The story of Tom Brennan'. The book discovers the impact of grief and the importance of acceptance and family. We are starting to break down how to write the essay, and therefore have been given the overall question: "How do the...
  20. S

    Worlds of Upheaval

    Hi! I was wondering what people are doing for their related texts in this unit? My prescribed texts are Frankenstein, Metropolis, and Do Not Say We Have Nothing and I'm struggling with finding a substantial related text :confused: Would anyone be able to suggest something. Everything I've found...