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  1. F

    Is it possible to get a band 6!!!! HELP PLEASE !!!!

    Hi everyone, I've heard that the gaps between the internal ranks of students at school matter and that the internal gaps are maintained after the school marks are moderated. Is this true? If so, if a person, say, places first and attains 91% (e.g. in physics), and another places around 6th and...
  2. Shinitakunai

    Is it true that your rank in a subject determines your exam mark?

    I have been reading about info concerning how the external exam mark operates. So far, it appears to me that if you are ranked first in a subject you will get the highest exam mark even if the mark is not YOURS but someone who genuinely did better on the HSC. To me, that appears quite corrupt...
  3. T

    Internal Ranks v External Ranks

    Hey! So i was wondering if i have the chance of getting a band 6 in english advanced - my school rank is pretty good its top 30 in the state, but we aren't great at english - only 20-40 people get band 6s from our cohort, but our grade in particular is expected to get around only 20 as well. My...
  4. U

    what is storytelling?!?

    Through the telling and receiving of stories, we become more aware of ourselves and our shared human experiences. Explore this statement with close reference to your prescribed text Storytelling invites us to see the world differently through challenging our assumptions. Discuss this...
  5. L

    HSC ATAR Yr 11 Subject Selection

    I am looking to do three languages and possibly Japanese Extension in yr 12 Japanese Continuers French Beginners Arabic Beginners (Open High) But i am not sure if this is a good idea does anyone have advice? Also is Open high good for studying languages? Also I’m not sure which subject I should...
  6. F

    Business Studies or Modern History

    Hey, i've got my subject selections coming up very soon and I need information and which is better for me to choose. Thank you
  7. L

    HSC Subject Selection and Medicine

    I am thinking of doing these subjects for yr 11 Advanced Math Advanced English Japanese Continuers French Beginners Studies of Religion Ancient History Are these subjects good to get a high Atar?, Do they scale well?, What are your opinions on them? I am aiming to do Medicine, and I was also...
  8. B

    Selling HSC notes - English Extension 1, English Advanced, History Extension, Modern History, Economics, SOR I

    Selling HSC notes for English Extension 1, English Advanced, History Extension, Modern History, Economics, and SOR I. All notes are comprehensively constructed in dot-point form, used to attain a 95 ATAR. Information is mainly sourced from textbooks with additional information from teacher's...
  9. 88rising

    year 11 acer hast test writing prompts

    hey guys, just to keep it short — i can not find any past prompts for the acer test that's suitable for year 11 :) if anyone has done the test and has impeccable memory, could you please tell me what prompt was asked? thank you
  10. M

    HSC Engineering Mechanics Textbook!!

    There is an amazing looking textbook purely on HSC Engineering Mechanics with over 230 Qs and their fully worked solutions that is soon to be released. Type the following into Facebook to check out the product/website - "eureka publications"
  11. U

    Conflict in General Maths HSC paper 2018!?!

    so I used some trial and error to answer this question 27b 2018 General Maths my answer was x = -2 and y = 3 though HSC answer was different, mine works would they accept that
  12. N

    10 or 11 units? HSC

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has advice for me. I am in year 11 and when I get to year 12, my plan is to study - English Advanced (currently studying in y11) - English Extension 1 (currently studying in y11) - English Extension 2 (will pick up in y12) - Maths Advanced (currently studying...
  13. D

    Can I still get a band 6

    Hi so here are my english marks for this year so far. Task 1: 80% Task 2: 95% Task 3: 93% Can I get a band 6!? What would I have to get in trials and hsc (considering scaling and stuff - my school is ranked 59?? i think somehwere around there could be lower) thanks
  14. F

    I want to change from legal to biology, I'm in mid-term 2, year 11

    SO basically, my subjects are are all general and humanitarian = Legal studies, Society and Culture (100% dropping in year 12), Business Studies, PDHPE, GENERAL Maths, & STANDARD English I'm in a private school, In year 10, my teachers were discouraging students from choosing higher level...
  15. P


    Guys help, I have trials in around 2 weeks and I'm so stressed because I feel like I am not prepared at all especially for economics and maths adv. I am wondering if anyone has any advice in terms of good ways to study and how to study content heavy subjects like economics and whether it's worth...
  16. K


    hey guys could someone answer the follow IPT questions. would really appreciate it: 1) Explain the function of the switch when many nodes are simultaneously transmitting and receiving Ethernet frames 2) Critically analyse why each Ethernet frame includes a CRC rather than a checksum or parity...
  17. K

    information processes and technology HELP

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone could give me time to help me out with a few questions. 1) Explain the function of the switch when many nodes are simultaneously transmitting and receiving Ethernet frames 2) Critically analyse why each Ethernet frame includes a CRC rather than a checksum or...
  18. P

    Advice on rest breaks?

    I've just been granted disability provisions (small group supervision + rest breaks) for my ADHD and anxiety, but I have no idea how I should use them. I'll be sitting some exams in the next few weeks that will allow me to practice with them. For anyone else that has experience with rest breaks...
  19. 1

    Mathematics Advanced + 3U Tutoring. New Syllabus Ready. Will do everything in my power to ensure you succeed in the HSC.

    Often, you find that tutors just teach content but don’t stop to make sure that their students actually learn. I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to help you succeed in the HSC. As part of my commitment to your success, I will provide 1 FREE trial lesson so you can be sure...