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  1. A

    Complex Number Question

    If someone could assist me in how to do these two questions that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. N

    Cambridge exercises: are they unnecessarily challenging?

    I have a general question. My school currently uses the Maths in Focus textbooks - they're clear, easy to understand, and the homework questions aren't too difficult. I, temporarily, wanted to give the Cambridge Year 11 2U questions a go, and I found that they are quite challenging and vary in...
  3. J

    How do you study/revise?

    So I have literally never studied in my life and coming into year 12 I've realised that I am going to need to. I am making my notes for all my subjects, aligned with the syllabus, but once I actually have my notes, what's the next step? I can read over them but I don't know how effective that...
  4. J

    Taking Notes - Handwritten or Typed?

    Hi! So I am just entering my year 12 course, and I am really trying to step up my game this year. Year 11 I really didn't put in much work or remember any of my content or study at all, so I am trying to really push myself at the moment. I want to be better at taking notes and I can't decide...
  5. sophieecam

    Questions about the IRP

    Hey everyone! :) We recently got the assessment notification for the IRP and I just had some questions about it in regards to the primary and secondary research 1) My first question is how many methods of primary research do we have to do? Should we do more then one? 2) For secondary research...
  6. H

    96+ ???

    Hey guys I just wanted to see if people thought my atar goal of 96-98 was achievable with my internal marks. My school ranked 24th in NSW last year with 200 band 6s English adv: 4/92 Economics: 2/19 Legal: 2/19 Business: 1/41 English ext 1: 5/11 Maths advanced: 25/37
  7. C

    ENG EXT OR GEO....???? 🚑💨💀

    Hi guys if you're reading this PLS help me out!!!! I currently have 13 units for Y12 (4u math, 3u eng, mod his, chem, geo) And I'm thinking about dropping either 3u eng or Geography but I can't choose... both have their pros and cons Drop Eng Ext, Keep Geo Drop Geo, Keep Eng ext - Geo is a...
  8. I


    So I’m currently starting the beginning of my HSC Pip journey for SAC. I’m thinking of doing how Barbie Dolls have influenced female body images and expectations over time. Is that a good pip topic and what would my sub topics be? How would I gather research for it, who would I interview?? my...
  9. D


    If you are undergoing the PDHPE HSC course, then this ebook will make sure you don't lose all of your time studying which can be used for other reasons. It got me a 97 hsc mark. The ebook contains: ✅ A step-by-step plan on how to study throughout the year so you can minimise study time...
  10. X

    Where can I find hard practice questions

    I'm studying Physics and Chemistry, and I've tried the questions in the textbooks I use (surfing and in focus) but they all seem to be repetitive and are nothing like the harder questions in the HSC. Does anyone have any other textbook suggestions or resources with hard exam type questions for...
  11. G

    Gaps in the curriculum

    Has anyone else noticed areas where different information is given in different subjects? In Aboriginal Studies I've been taught that in traditional Indigenous customary law, punishments and judgements were dealt by Elders of the particular community. Contrastingly, in Legal Studies it is taught...
  12. J

    Going into math EXT 2

    Hi all, I'm planning on doing mathematics extension 2 next term, im just wondering what I can do now to prepare for it, or even just some tips to survive the course. Regards
  13. R

    I got over 90 in my trial... am I in a good position? (english standard)

    Hey everyone, I got 94% in my CSSA trial. For paper 1 I got 88% (35/40) For paper 2 I got 98% (59/60) I really want to do well in English, however I don't really know how hard the CSSA is in comparison to the HSC and if it's a good measure. Like don't want to instill fake confidence you know...
  14. gohyyng

    Subject Selection for Year 12

    Hi, I have some questions regarding pursuing Extension 2 English and dropping either Biology or Business. I was wondering whether or not doing a major work is time consuming and difficult in terms of completion. My procrastination level can get pretty bad so i'm not sure whether or not pursuing...
  15. A

    Free Online Y10, Y11, Y12 Science Tutoring help

    Hey guys! Learning in lockdown can get pretty frustrating so to help out we’re offering free help for anyone that has questions on physics or chemistry! Visit our website (link in first image) to book a quick 15 minute session to ask us anything. We're Olympiad-trained James Ruse graduates who...
  16. A

    Economics vs Business studies

    Hi, I am in Year 10, and I am struggling to decide on my last 2 units for next year. These are the subjects I am definitely going to choose: English Advanced Mathematics Ext 1 Biology Chemistry Art For anyone doing either economics or business studies what are the advantages/disadvantages? how...
  17. jimmysmith560

    Business Studies Marathon

    Inspired by @Hivaclibtibcharkwa's Biology Marathon idea, a Business Studies marathon thread will allow students doing HSC Business Studies to consolidate their knowledge by posting their own questions for other students to attempt as well as answering questions posted by other students. The...
  18. J

    99.95 atar

    I need a really high atar is it possible to achieve it with these subjects English standard Physics Economics math ext 2 math ext 1 ik i shoulda done adv eng but it is what it is
  19. A

    any sample response for this question?

    2016 – Section Two, Question 4 (8 marks) "He who obeys the Messenger, has indeed obeyed Allah." Qur’an 4:80 To what extent has ONE significant person OR school of thought, other than Muhammad and the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs, demonstrated an obedience to Allah?
  20. G

    prelim content in HSC - maths

    I've been told that up to 30% of prelim content in maths is tested in HSC, but I was wondering if that 30% is kind of recovered/more so a foundation to concepts taught in year 12 or if prelim content is quite literally in the HSC?