1. queenb_3

    Business Studies HSC section 3 and 4 predictions??

    Hey everyone, So what are your predictions for the business reports/essays in the business exam? Any particular topic you think they'll test this year?
  2. M

    PIP Topics

    Hey, if any of you have some interesting, juicy or even controversial topics or ideas for my HSC PIP I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. I'm a bit iffy on what I should do because I don't know if my ideas are strong enough. But any ideas you guys have would really help me :hug2:
  3. claudiflower

    Past HSC/Trial Questions by Syllabus Dot Points?

    Is there any website, book, google doc, any list that I could possibly use to answer HSC questions THROUGH my learning of the content? I understand I could just go through all the papers each week to try and find related questions but it seems much more beneficial to have them in this format...
  4. queenb_3

    IPT question help- HSC Q6 (2019 paper)

    Hi guys, Could someone help me with the following question please, and provide worked solutions (attached- it’s from the 2019 HSC paper Question 6)? Thank you
  5. W

    How do I catch up in maths?

    Hi, So I'm in year 12 (well in a week) but I'm so stressed about my math skills. 2020 has personally been a very tough year and probably the most difficult times I've encountered. As a result, I was very mentally and emotionally strained and found no motivation to study. Now, I'm trying to get...
  6. queenb_3

    Advice for ATAR >95

    Hey guys! Just a question, if I'm aiming for an ATAR above 95, say around 97, 98, and hopefully 99 etc, what are some things I should be doing in the last few weeks rounding up the HSC? How many HSC papers should I aim to complete each day? And what are your thoughts on rewriting essays...
  7. Z

    Drop Economics or Chemistry?? Please Help

    Hey All, I am currently doing Ext1 Math, ADV English, Legal Studies, Economics, Chemistry and Physics for perlims. I am planning to pick up ext2 math for year 12 and don't want to do 14 units. Thinking of either dropping economics or chemistry. Does anyone have any opinions on either of the...
  8. Pablo_35

    How do i revise for maths?

    Hello members of BOS ! With 28 days left until the advanced maths paper, i was wondering how i should be revising for maths. Right now i am doing chapter reviews from the Cambridge textbook and finishing a couple of pastpapers every week. i know this is a maths advanced thread but it'll be...
  9. W

    Do I need 4 unit maths to get an ATAR above 99?

    Hello! So I'm currently in a state of dilemma because I'm contemplating whether I should take 4 unit maths (extension 2 mathematics) next term. So the subjects I'm currently undertaking are: English Advanced, Physics, Chemistry, Extension Maths and SOR. The thing is, my final advanced maths exam...
  10. jimmysmith560

    French 2020 HSC Exam tips (Beginners, Continuers, Extension)

    Hi! Here are some tips to help anyone doing French for the HSC :D French Beginners & French Continuers: French Beginners Exam date: Thursday 5 November French Continuers Exam date: Friday 23 October Listening tips: Make sure you are familiar with all the expressions you've been taught and...
  11. Z

    A Terrible Turn of Events For my HSC Life - HSC Society and Culture

    Alright... It's the night before trials, and I'm freaking out as I realise that SOO much content from within the syllabus hasn't even been taught in class due to an "excellent" teacher. I'm literally looking through all the work we've done, and I'm finding prime concepts that are being shown in...
  12. Kyufruit

    State rank

    How does one get a state rank? Is it also based on scaling and what school you go to or does it have different rules? How can one get a state rank? Ive always been interested in the idea of getting a state rank but when I did a little more research I realised no one at my school has ever got...
  13. P

    Subjection Selection Year 10

    I'm currently not sure what subjects to choose this year for my HSC. I'm certain that I want to take Economics, 3U Math, 3U English but I'm not sure whether to take Phys, Chem or Modern History. I did quite well in a recent Physics test, in comparison with other peers so I don't know if I should...
  14. bluebutterfly33

    Will my N-determination be recorded/ affect HSC eligibility ???

    Hello so I recently got sent an N-determination warning for a subject I am planning to drop, which I do outside of school. They sent me some HW which is all I need to do if I want to get rid of the N-determination but that means I will have to go do the assessment too which I have not prepared...
  15. K

    99.85 ATAR + Modern History State Rank (5th) in 2019 | HSC Notes/Tutoring for the NEW SYLLABUS

    Hi! I graduated in 2019, achieving an ATAR of 99.85, a State Rank in Modern History (5th) and Band 6 for all of my subjects. Services available: - ONLINE tutoring in years 7-10 English as well as HSC English Advanced, Biology, Legal Studies, Science Extension and Modern History - Condensed +...
  16. B

    Please.. begging for some guidance

    Hey all, Really new to this so apologies if I post this incorrectly formatted or smth. Okay so, I completely failed adv maths the entire year getting around ~52% for all my exams. For my trials, I am getting less than 20% because I barely attempted anything. Maths has always been a core failure...
  17. G

    Possible to get 90+ atar with these marks?

    My internal marks are: English (standard) - 84% 4/42 Earth and Environmental - 90% 3/14 Biology - 86% 14/26 Business studies - 85% 15/48 Korean in context - 97% 2/33 Maths advanced - 62% 20/28 <<< it wouldn't count towards my atar Judging from my current internal marks, what would my...
  18. periodmami

    Need help with what subject to drop!

    Hey! Im stuck between dropping visual arts or society & culture. Currently, I am doing - Modern History - Drama - Visual Arts - Studies of religion II - English advanced - Society and culture Im currently ranked extremely high in all of my subjects (minus art because I failed to hand in the...
  19. kitty15003

    Food Tech or Visual Art

    Hi everyone, The subjects that I am doing right now (yr 11) are: Advanced English legal studies (distance) modern history ancient history visual art textiles The subjects I am the least confident in is textiles and visual arts,,, I'm definitely dropping textiles but I also want to drop...
  20. P

    should I be stressed about prelim? how should I study?

    I have just over a month and I have no clue how to study for such a big test, it seems overwhelming