maths extension 1

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    Where can I find Cambridge worked solutions?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find Cambridge worked solutions for maths extension 1 (both yr11 and 12)? Thanks!
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    99.75 | 1st Year Medical Student | English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Ext 1 and Ext 2, Chemistry, UCAT and Medical/Dental Interview Online Tutoring

    Unfortunately, I do not currently have any available sessions, however places may open up in the future. Hello everyone, I am a Sydney Boys graduate of class 2020 with an ATAR of 99.75.With my experience teaching a range of students from all capabilities and ages, I am confident I can work...
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    Need 3D trig question help

    The diagram shows a rectangular pyramid. X and Y are the midpoints of AD and BC respectively and T is directly above Z. TX = 15cm, TY = 20cm, AB = 25cm and BC = 10cm. a) Show that ∠XTY = 90°. b) Using Pythagoras’ theorem, show that TZ = 12 cm.
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    Do I need 4 unit maths to get an ATAR above 99?

    Hello! So I'm currently in a state of dilemma because I'm contemplating whether I should take 4 unit maths (extension 2 mathematics) next term. So the subjects I'm currently undertaking are: English Advanced, Physics, Chemistry, Extension Maths and SOR. The thing is, my final advanced maths exam...
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    Any copyright issues for uploading past Year 11 Prelim Maths Advaced + Extension 1 Papers for new syllabus?

    Hi all, As I've completed Maths Advanced/Extension 1 in Year 11 2019 with the brand new syllabus introduced for 2020 HSC students, I would like to upload some past papers that may be of use for current Year 11 2020 students who require past exam resources for the new syllabus. However, I am...