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preliminary course

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    W.H Auden Notes

    Does anyone have W.H.Auden notes on his poems they are willing to share. plz chuck us
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    I recently got my year 11 subjects and would like to get some advice

    So for year 11, I got the subjects English advanced, Maths extension, Chemistry, Physics, and economics. I really wanted to do engineering, and I have the option to still pick it, but it is only available in line 5, where I have Economics, which I wanted to do as well, but engineering was my...
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    Finding techniques within quotes

    Hey! For our exam-replacement task coming up quite soon, we have to gather approximately 30 quotes and analyse the techniques used in them in relation to the three themes chosen, but I'm struggling to locate techniques within many of my quotes. For the theme of dealing with grief, I've chosen...
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    Evaluating the effectiveness of the legal and non-legal responses in the Caroline Byrne case

    Hi there. I have to write some PEEL paragraphs for an evaluation of responses in the Caroline Byrne case -- if anybody is unfamiliar, you should look at it. It's really quite an interesting case, and my opinion on Godron Wood's guilt changes a lot. I am aware of what the criteria mean...