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  1. E

    BIOLOGY V ECONOMICS (subject selection)

    Hi, I am in year 10 and going to pick out my subjects. My idea of what I want to do after school is probs medicine, so I need a high ATAR. Here are my subjects : - Ex1 Math / I am pretty good at math and maybe plan on doing x2 - Ex1 Eng / Not really that good at english, alright at it but...
  2. J

    Investigating Science vs. Bio

    So, I've chosen the three sciences for year 11 but 'm considering dropping biology since it needs a lot of memorisation and going for Investigating science instead to lighten my workload. What should I consider? What are your thoughts?
  3. M

    Matrix Atar Calculator Questions

    How accurate is the matrix education atar calculator? Also, do you put in your raw marks or your scaled mark estimates?
  4. M

    Should I Do E2

    Next term, after finishing advanced math, I will be starting math E1 and E2 simultaneously, I know some of the E1 content due to common content with physics (vectors) but I was wondering if this workload will be too much. My school decided to start E1 and E2 in term 4 so I have not done any...
  5. M

    Do You Need To Have A Certain Amount Of PRELIM Hours For A Course?

    My friends have been switching subjects late year 11 and I was wondering if the low hours in the courses will be an issue? I believe you don't need to do the prelim course to do the HSC course as NESA allows you to switch subjects until mid year 12?
  6. M

    Head Teacher Not Letting Me Drop Subject

    I am in year 11 wanting to drop a pretty content heavy subject which I am not good at for a more practical subject (Design And Tech). I have talked with the 2 Design And Tech teachers in the school that know me really well and they have said that I have the skills for the course and they would...
  7. G

    Subject Selections

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of selecting my subjects for Year 11, as I will be completing the HSC in 2025. Right now I'm thinking: 1. Math Ext 1 2. Math Adv 3. English Adv 3. Chemistry 4. Biology 5. Physics or Legal 6. SOR1 (Compulsory) All the others are pretty much locked in, bio...
  8. T

    10 or 12 units - Year 12 2022

    hey everyone, just wondering are you guys doing 10 or 12 units. btw just incase you wanna help me with my crisis: I'm having a hard time deciding since everyone around me is either doing 10 or 11 units and I just recently dropped to 12 units and wasn't sure if I should just continue with the...
  9. J

    Taking Notes - Handwritten or Typed?

    Hi! So I am just entering my year 12 course, and I am really trying to step up my game this year. Year 11 I really didn't put in much work or remember any of my content or study at all, so I am trying to really push myself at the moment. I want to be better at taking notes and I can't decide...
  10. A

    pls help with subject selection

    I really want to go into either med or the scientific field (because I love science) but I'm a little worried. I want to do 3 science subjects but both chem and physics require a good level of math. I lack some foundational parts of mathematics (since I used to miss a lot of school due to...
  11. mary555

    90+ ATAR Likelihood

    hi, i'm in year 10 and subject selection is coming up, so I was wondering what the likelihood of receiving of a 90+ atar is with the subjects i'm thinking about taking: - advanced english - extension 1 english - studies of religion 1 (compulsory in my school) - advanced maths - modern history -...
  12. Z

    Open Discussion - HSC Subjects 2020

    This is my first ever post on this site and I honestly don't know if I put this in the right thread, however, I'm hoping I can find some people out there who do the same subjects as me so I can find out how they are dealing with the current workload I'm currently doing: Standard English...
  13. L

    Subject Advice - Modern History vs Biology

    I've just started Year 11 with: - Advanced English - Extension Maths - Chemistry - Economics - Business Studies - Biology I got into my first class of biology and straight away I didn't like it. The class has 30 odd people in it and the teacher put a slideshow on the board for us to copy...
  14. S

    am i too dumb for chemistry?

    hey, just wondering if chemistry is suitable for me since i always received bad marks for it in year 10 and didn't have an interest in it due to lack of studying (EDIT: never completing given homework etc..) and not ever concentrating during class lessons. i recently became curious in...
  15. H


    I just started year 12 this week and have been facing an apparently 'detrimental' issue since I'm doing all 6 subjects and have no free periods which my school doesn't really accept. Since I go to a selective/private school, they are able to determine what subjects we do and if we are to be...
  16. A

    Information Digital Technology (TVET) or IPT

    I want to go into an IT field in university but I'm not sure if I should do a tafe course or ipt. I'm not sure about the scaling but I assume it wouldnt be too high for either, but which one would be worse as the content for both is kind of similar. However, the tafe course provides...
  17. periodmami

    What are the hardest subjects in year 11 & 12?

    By hardest, I mean the subject that has the highest amount of content and from personal views. Comment down below..
  18. I

    Subject Selections Year 11 + General Questions

    It's subject selection soon and I'm really not sure what to choose. I'm worried that my subjects have too much essay writing and content, which will stress me out even more. I also still have to choose one more subject. Subjects that I'm sure on: - Maths Ext. 1 - English Adv. - Legal Studies -...