1. A

    Any chix doin cs next yr @ unsw

    Title says it all.
  2. queenb_3

    e12 application advice? help!!

    Hi guys!! So I'm drafting my e12 application for usyd and I was wondering if anyone have any advice to offer? What can really make my application stand out? The first question is about activities, how that would benefit you at uni etc. The second is in regards to best academic achievement...
  3. G

    Can I reject an early entry offer later?

    I’m thinking of applying for early entry, but the uni I really want doesn’t do it. I’m not sure if I’ll get into the course so my plan is to do early entry for other courses. However, if I do get accepted into the original course, can I reject any early entry offers I may have received/ accepted?
  4. K

    USYD vs UNSW vs UTS Engineering - which uni is the best?

    Hello! I'm a 2019 graduate and I've gotten offers from USYD, UNSW and UTS for a B Engineering(honours)/B Business (eng/med sci at usyd tho). I am planning to major in Electrical Engineering. I have to finalise my decision soon bc classes start in February and I have no clue which uni to attend...
  5. BLIT2014

    Macquarie University 2020 Questions and Answer Thread

    Hi welcome to all new Macquarians, or to those who are still considering feel free to post here. Best wishes, Blit :)