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  1. P

    UNSW or UTS for bachelors of business?

    Should I do my bachelors of economics at uts or unsw? What are your opinions on the trimester system at unsw, work life balance, internship opportunties, pros and cons of each? I have always been set on unsw for its social life but now reconsidering due to the controversy of its trimesters...
  2. S

    MACQUARIE OR UNSW marketing

    Hi guys I’m currently enrolled into Marketing and media at Macquarie university, but I don’t know if I wanna transfer into UNSW or not. But I also wanna do media as well. Can I major in marketing and minor in media instead? Should I just stay at Macquarie uni for a year and then see? When I...
  3. SB257426

    A question for engineering students at Uni

    Hey there, I am planning on doing engineering at UNSW starting in 2024 and my question is: Should I go for MacOS or Windows operating system in UNI? I am just a bit unsure which will be more suitable for engineering as I am aware engineering does require programming knowledge and there will be...
  4. D

    Double Degrees

    Hi, I have a question regarding double degrees at Macquarie and UNSW. How do the double degrees work? For example, if I choose to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie Uni, do I complete a certain number of courses from each program, or do I...
  5. A

    UNSW Gateway question

    Just wondering since round 2 closes around the corner, I want to change my preferences from round 1 and apply for a new course for round 2. How do I go about doing this? Do I have to start a whole new application or just change preferences within the portal?
  6. N

    Do I need Yr 12 Math Ext 1 to get into biomedical Engineering degree?

    Im interested in doing biomedical engineering in university. However i want to do science extension in Year 12 (I know it doesn't scale the best but i'm passionate) and drop Math Ext 1. So far Math Ext 1 in Yr 11 has been pretty easy as I did Math Adv by an accelerated course. I also do the 3...
  7. T

    I got early entry into Macquarie Commerce and Applied Finance. Also got UTS Business. Which is a better option?

    I got early entry into Macquarie Commerce and Applied Finance and UTS Business. Which is a better option?
  8. D

    Till what date can I accept my Macquarie and UTS offers?

    I got in on Round 1 in macquarie, and im scared that the offer will lapse. For UTS it was the first (and only) round. So what date do i have to accept the offers by?
  9. A

    Is it easy to get an atar of 68?

    because i received an conditional offer of 68 atar
  10. L

    LAT response examples

    just curious since LAT is in two days and i want to have a solid outline of the 'criteria' (even though technically there isn't????) - couldn't find any online, only a sample paper on the ACER website thanks
  11. M

    Public VS Catholic VS Independent Schools

    Just wanted to hear peoples experiences from each type of school, the experience, teachers, work, environment etc. Is there an advantage to going to a catholic/private/independent school over a public school. Do Unis care about what hs you went to if you got a good atar?
  12. random93810938

    Should I repeat year 12 or transfer in uni?

    Hi, question is the title. I know from different posts that generally it is not advised to repeat year 12 but please hear me out because it would be good to get more opinions tailored to my circumstances. I was told that repeating will not improve atar that much but I think that it may in my...
  13. K

    I don’t know what subject to drop in year 12

    Hi i’ve begun my first (technically second) year of year 12 and i’ve still currently got 12 units i was tossing up between maths extension (and then do 11 units) or visual arts (then would do 8 units + english ext 1 and maths ext 1) and i’ve just got maths extension back for my first hsc...
  14. J

    Failed at UNSW previously and transferred to UTS for WAM reset. Did well at UTS, want to credit transfer back to UNSW. Will UNSW failed grades remain?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had a similar circumstance to mine, In 2020, I started my first year in Computer Science at UNSW. I felt very unmotivated and was still feeling burnt out from HSC. My incompetence lead me to several failed grades in the 1st trimester. Following this, at the...
  15. V

    Do I need to apply for HECS-HELP?

    so idk why but even though we have plenty of family friends who used hecs loans for their uni fees and paid it all off relatively quickly my parents are insistent on paying for my fees so that i don't accrue any debt i've already applied for hecs-help and i'm quite financially illiterate so can...
  16. mannxv

    is anyone submitting a portfolio to uni for 2022 admission ? (usyd, unsw, uts)

    hey ! i want to submit a portfolio for consideration + atar to usyd, my first preference. round 1 closes on sunday but i'm assuming there will be additional rounds in december ? given nesa and uac dates have been pushed back. if you are applying, what works will you be including in your...
  17. A

    Any chix doin cs next yr @ unsw

    Title says it all.
  18. queenb_3

    e12 application advice? help!!

    Hi guys!! So I'm drafting my e12 application for usyd and I was wondering if anyone have any advice to offer? What can really make my application stand out? The first question is about activities, how that would benefit you at uni etc. The second is in regards to best academic achievement...
  19. G

    Can I reject an early entry offer later?

    I’m thinking of applying for early entry, but the uni I really want doesn’t do it. I’m not sure if I’ll get into the course so my plan is to do early entry for other courses. However, if I do get accepted into the original course, can I reject any early entry offers I may have received/ accepted?
  20. K

    USYD vs UNSW vs UTS Engineering - which uni is the best?

    Hello! I'm a 2019 graduate and I've gotten offers from USYD, UNSW and UTS for a B Engineering(honours)/B Business (eng/med sci at usyd tho). I am planning to major in Electrical Engineering. I have to finalise my decision soon bc classes start in February and I have no clue which uni to attend...