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May 26, 2011
"Nature was my joy; trouble brought me understanding."

My creative story did not fit well. >.< I had to make it up.
It was about this girl who is remembering sitting my a lake with her lover, enjoying the beauty of nature and the warmth of the sun blah blah blah. Her lover persuades her to swim in the lake and something grabs her leg, everything goes dark. (this section told in past tense)

(this section told in present sense) She gains consciousness, realizes it's night time. When she gets out of the lake she realizes it's the middle of winter even though she went swimming in the summer. She can't find her lover so she walks around looking for him until she finds him at a graveyard. She calls out to him, but he does not respond and she realizes that she is standing in front of her own tombstone. She comes to understand that their love was fake and that he killed her. Every night she emerges from the lake as a ghost looking for her lover over and over again :L

I went with the whole gothic/supernatural love story, but I don't think I'd get a good mark for it. WAAAAH! :(
I guess she remembers being happy with her lover surrounded by nature, but her death (trouble) made her understand that their love was fake. I guess... :/

What do you think I could get for something like that? It doesn't really link well to Romanticism either. God.

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