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Aug 8, 2018
Hey, I’m currently a year 12 student and I’ve been looking at universities and courses and the like. The only course that really stood out for me was the Bachelor of Design Computing at USYD. I’ve looked at the basic outline of the course and stuff like that but that can only tell me so much. Some things I was just curious about:
1) Stupid question, but do I need to know how to draw? I don’t think I’m that bad but I’m definitely no artist.
2) It seems like the course mostly prepares students for the road of a UX/UI designer. What other job pathways would I be able to take?
3) What are the job prospects? If you’ve done the course, how successful was your cohort in being able to find a job related to the degree?
4) What are your general experiences with the course (if you’ve done it)? Is it worth doing, or is it completely useless?
5) Any other things I should know about this course?

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