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Jun 29, 2009
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this section is for?

If you have any questions regarding UNIVERSITY level Mathematics, this is the place to ask them.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

  • Anything OUTSIDE the HSC Syllabus.
This is the Tertiary section after all.

  • Tutorial/Homework Questions.
If you have any problems with these, make a thread!
  • General questions related to Tertiary-level Mathematics.
These include questions such as "How hard is Uni compared to HSC?" or "I enjoy A, B, and C topics, which branch of Mathematics should I be leaning towards" etc. We can give you advice regarding such matters.

What NOT to do:

  • Ask us to teach you a whole topic.
We can help you with questions but don't expect us to be substitutes for lectures (no matter how terrible they are!). Make a genuine attempt to learn the topics by yourself first and if you are stuck with a concept you can not understand, feel free to ask us here =)
  • Ask us to do entire tutorials/stacks of questions for you.
We are here to help you learn the concepts so you can do them yourself. We are not here to do the questions FOR you.
  • Ask us entire assignment questions.
We can help you with the assignment by pointing you in the right direction after you've demonstrated that you've made some sort of attempt, but do NOT expect us to do it for you. Not only is it unethical, but you could get into some serious trouble for plagiarism.

General Etiquette & Conduct:

  • If somebody answers your question and you're satisfied with it, be sure to thank them! "Thanks in advance" isn't good enough.
The people answering your question are not gaining anything from it. In fact, they are using their own time to answer your question, which is what they are more than happy to do provided some sort of appreciation is shown, so the least you could do is be polite and thank them for helping you out.

Just because we are online and hidden behind our monitors, doesn't mean our manners go out the window.
  • When posting up a question, PLEASE make sure you've typed out the question correctly.
It has happened many-a-time that a typo'd question was answered (of course resulting in an incorrect answer) and a lot of time was wasted making the responding post. If you are going to ask a question, the least you could do is to get it right. We don't want to be answering a question with the wrong numbers/unsolvable question!
  • Be polite when asking questions.
Need I say more? We are civilised beings are we not?

Universal Rule:

~Post as if your lecturer can read what you're saying~

Happy posting!


Jun 3, 2014
South of here
Uni Grad
Extracurricular Maths vs. Tertiary Education/Maths Forums

There are 2 related forums where you can inquire about higher-level maths and what should be posted here:

[1] Extracurricular/Higher Level http://community.boredofstudies.org/238/extracurricular-topics/
Aim of this forum: General inquiry/challenges into higher-level mathematics, including topics covered at university. Includes competitions run externally.

- Pretty straightforward. Although "user help threads" are discouraged.

[2] Disciplines > Maths http://community.boredofstudies.org/1003/maths/
Aim of this forum: Inquiries about course structure or course-specific questions. Also ok place to ask for help with university subjects/university maths questions.

- Homework/tutorial questions that are subject/university specific (although it is ok to post in Extracurricular)
- Enquiries about particular subject e.g. MATH1121. e.g. what is MATH202 like?
- You are allowed to post individual questions from specific subjects, however if mods think that a thread would have use for GIFTED & TALENTED Students, then it may be moved to Extracurricular Topics.
- All questions about university pathways, subject selections, majors, degrees should be posted in this MATHS forum not in EXTRACURRICULAR.

Other Rules:
The rest of the tips are similar as per here

Just some key reminders
** Unless stated otherwise, lecture materials generally are copyrighted, so don't post them with permission. there are some free-textbooks, which are good, such as Trench Real Analysis, which are allowed to post, provided it is within the licensing conditions.
** Don't ask for textbooks or ePDFs.
** No tutoring advertisements or other ads.
** Don't spam with multiple posts, across either forum (mods will check both), with a particular question. One question, max one thread.
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