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May 5, 2020
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If anyone can help tell me how to answer this question, or help guide me on how I can answer this and check my answers, it is much appreciated.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful wrist condition that can be treated with surgery or less invasively with wrist
splints. In a study of 180 patients with the condition, half had surgery and half used wrist splints. In the surgery
group, 65 patients showed improvement after three months while 42 of those who used wrist splints improved.
Is surgery more effective than the use of wrist splints for patients with this condition?

a) Write appropriate hypotheses.
I wrote my null hypothesis as p (surgery is more effective than wrist splints) = 0.65.
And my alternative hypothesis as p (surgery is more effective than wrist splints) not equal 0.65.

I know this is incorrect. Should my null hypothesis be about wrist splints and the alternative hypothesis be about surgery? like N0 = surgery is not more effective than wrist splints = 0.45. HA = surgery is more effective than wrist splints <0.45.

The nest part is to test the hypothesis, and I am wondering, do I use the one-proportion test or the two-proportion test?

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