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Dec 11, 2019
Hi everyone,

My name is Dr. Andrew Phillip, and I am a lecturer in the School of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Sydney. Since 2013, my research has been about predicting the future price of Bitcoin. I came up with a statistical framework which is able to predict future volatility accurately (we are correct ~998 times for every 1,000 forecasts). The research was so successful that we wrote 4 published papers, and some aspects of one paper have been acquired by a hedge fund.

After I completing my PhD, I felt that there was something more I could do with this powerful forecasting engine.

Then boom! Why not use this to make forecasts about a student's HSC mark? Which is when PLATO (Predictive Learning and Teaching Optimisation) was born.

What PLATO can do for students:
  • It can forecast their HSC mark from as early as Year 10
  • Predict which syllabus dot points they are most likely to do a 'silly-mistake' in their exam
  • Predict which exact question, if the student can answer correctly, will boost their forecasted HSC mark by the most. For example, "answer these specific 10 questions in your homework to boost your forecasted HSC mark by 0.3%"
  • Determine which exact syllabus dot point the student is weakest in (PLATO will then generate more questions on these)
  • Keep pushing students until they are getting a 100% forecast for each syllabus dot point. For example, if the student is very good in a particular dot point, it will give them killer University style questions to challenge them, whereas, if you are not so good, it will give you easy questions to build their confidence.
As such, we are looking to hire exceptional tutors to teach classes from Year 7 Maths all the way up to Year 12 Extension 2 Maths.

The rate of pay is $40/hour
, with potential to reach up to $70/hour depending on several bonus targets.

If you want to find out more, then I highly encourage you to check out our website platotutoring.com.au.

Please apply through this link: platoeducation.com.au/careers/

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have here, and I am happy to respond.

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Aug 30, 2013
If you could predict future bitcoin prices wouldn't you be insanely rich already?

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