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  • Very interesting creative! Did you have it prepared or did you just make it up on the spot? If you had it prepared, I'd love to read it because it seems very interesting! Yeah my essay was similar to that too. Main purpose of my essay was to demonstrate how language shapes and reflects culture and values. I wrote about sociolinguistics and stylistic ingenuity being a main part of transforming and challenging experience and act of 'responding'. Also, out of curiosity, what were your related texts?

    And lol..50 lmao! I wish! But I have a good feeling about this exam...can't wait till the results in December!
    How did you find the questions for textual dynamics? What did you write about the essay and creative?
    haha yeah, such a slut! And I know, it is horrible haha :( It is alright... slowly but surely I'm getting there... I've completed Sparta and Pompeii, just need to re-touch a few things on Ag and tackle the Julio-Claudians, I hate them!! Howaboutyou??
    Oh wow, you're major sounds very cool. Would love to read it in the future! n_n My major went well, very happy with it! n_n How'd yours go? Good marks I expect. :) I like them both very much, though most of the time I prefer to read something more so Ancient rather than modern. Though sometimes that's topsy turvey, so it just depends, I love them both though. Trials were very pleasing, can't complain at all about how they went. n_n Hope yours were just as pleasing! n_n I plan on doing history for the rest of my life!! - ahaha, I want to be a History teacher n_n What about you? Keeping the passion alive in the future? n_n Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence :) I'm quite pleased with everything so n_n Plus just the big ones left. :) Best of luck for the studying and the big exams, lets pray the history exam writers are nice to us this year! n_n
    For Ancient I look at Sparta, Hatshepsut, and NKE to the Death of Thutmose III. For Mod I'm doing Germany, Leni Riefenstahl, and Conflict in Europe -I'm jealous that you do Russia. And for Ext I look at JFK -again, envious that you're doing an Ancient casestudy; I really wanted to do Thucydides!

    Intimidated by little ol' me? D: No need. Haha, I really liked my major, was a bit unique according to my teacher, but she liked it anyway. I can't recall you major project question, my apologies, what did you investigate? Favourite Historian -that's a tricky one! I really like Carr, particularly his use of metaphors to convey how historians work and think. Aww, teeny tine extension class! - Mine's a tad small though, just me haha. Our ancient and modern classes are a bit more popular though. I go to Blaxland High. What school do you go to? So, are you more inclined to Ancient or Modern history?
    No problem, Rep was deserved. n_n
    Ehh, not too terrible. Just finished a bulk load of History Ext. Past papers, so that's great.
    Ancient and Modern isn't too bad either, love the content so it's pretty easy to remember. n_n
    How's everything going for you? Which topics are you doing for your Histories? :)
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