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  • LOL hope so. Because from the notes I prepared, young offenders is what I prepared most on. I wouldn't mind international crime though, coz I prepared quite a bit on that.
    Thanks for the rep. Don't stress about ancient, you don't have to do ever again in your life anyways.
    hah yeah I'm studying it right now, in fact I'm cramming through it like crazy.
    I'm cramming through crime and some of world order. Gotta start cramming family soon =_=
    going to cram music II but I'll do that on tuesday night to wednesday morning. :p
    Haha too true! I'm just so happy it's over! When is your last exam?
    oh wow journalism sounds nice. Are you looking to get into actual tv, or become like a gossip column writer lol/newspaper journalist.
    I have my final exams next week but all im interested in right now is watching movies... i cant stop :(
    The fifth picture was based on the green lawn and the flowers.
    I used that and I called it a picture, since my story also involved about portraits :p

    Yeah the legal exam does have a crime essay, it's the 15 marker one. How are you going to study for crime? Are you going to go through the textbook and find legislation + cases? :O
    I'm going through the "student's will be required to..." section of the syllabus and answering the questions from there, since I know that the board will have questions picked from there.
    Haha yea Ag is pretty interesting eh?
    Unfortunately there isnt any trick =/ just learn it all, because they can actually ask you anything...even looking at past paper trends, its been fairly sporadic...just learn it all i guess :) Hows the ancient prep going otherwise?
    lol i finished my hsc 12 months ago aahha. Best feeling in the world
    Well now i definitely know you dont want to be an archaeologist, what courses you looking at? And how did u get on sunrise :O?
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