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  • aww why dont u trust me :'( and its okay to be aroused at sexual jokes :(

    hows ur hsc coming along? close to dead yet?
    Yeh for my mod B I had NOT studied that speech :( I was so annoyed. That caused me to run overtime on it, and then my Julius Caesar (Mod C) essay to be really shot, only 2 pages :(
    because i have a large bone for you to examine ;)

    so whens ur next show rebecca b, do i get backstage access?
    For A I did Frankenrunner, Mod B I had speeches :( and mod C I had Juilis Caesar, wbu?
    Haha yes thats true. But for me I don't think I will reach my expectations, especially after today :(
    hey I'm sure it will be enough. You can't ask for more than your best.
    USYD campus is great, but imo I don't really consider the campus as much use. It's what they have inside their campus that matters to me more imo. Which is why I'm heading to UNSW instead. :)
    I found that the visual text wasn't that great, but then again as long as I could answer the question then it would've been alright. The creative stimulus was great for me, it fitted my story perfectly in :) I used the 5th picture in the stimulus though, just so I can make sure I'm answering the question fully. I memorized my creative word for word - the only piece of writing I memorized completely. The essay question was great for paper 1 as well, since I had Skryznecki. But considering others did Dickinson, the essay question for that one was shit.
    I want at least 36/45 for this paper... hopefully, since my creative actually fit, and that my belonging essay fit too :)

    Yeah I have a crime essay, but it's a really broad one I did for a hand-in assignment. 2,100 words and that got me 24/25, which made me top the grade at the time.
    I'm going to start studying for legal tomorrow, since I need to catch up heaps. but not only that, MX2 and MX1.

    (stupid character count)
    How did you go in English paper 1 today? :)

    Your marks for legal are great. Although tbh I did get 22/25 for my crime essay. I was so stoked because I didn't even study at all. I got 16/20 for the multiple choice (we sat the independent paper, mind you). Then I got 13/15 for the short answer human rights responses (heck I didn't even study for this one either) :)
    I should really start studying. I could have easily got 90/100 for legal studies if I actually studied my stuff T_T

    I know heaps of people want to go to USYD to do media and communications. But then again it's all theory and there's like no practical experience. So yeah, go for UTS or CSU for journalism :)
    Nah I got 75 for legal without any study at all :L
    I got 9/15 for the crime essay and 15/25 for the world order essay by not even studying the topics at all and just bullshitting as much as possible :L
    Our trials were marked quite hard too...
    LOL isolate yourself from society.... you'd actually be less isolated since you'll be in Bathurst
    Journalism at CSU seems pretty great there, since so many people who graduate there easily obtain jobs as a journalist. It's just that CSU is in Bathurst, and not many people would want to live there.

    I wanna do either B Commerce/B Science, B Commerce (International), B Commerce/B Science (Advanced Mathematics) or B Education/B Science @ UNSW. My science major would be maths, commerce major would be actuarial and education major, obviously secondary :L
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