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  • It is achievable but I'm not so sure, since I haven't studied legal studies in a long long time.

    I know heaps of selective schools where they do Skryznecki poems. I know that selective schools have different teachers teaching different texts to students.

    and btw would you remain living in the countryside after university?
    I remember that the cut-off for legal studies last year was 82 for a 90.
    But yeah, Skryznecki is easy to analyze, so that's a good thing. But I would rather do something like Romulus my Father.
    Standard and Advanced both do Skryznecki for poetry as well..

    I attend Sydney Secondary College - Blackwattle Bay, it's right next to the city, so often or not I can go out and hang around there :)
    I'm hoping that legal is pretty generic too, but just hoping that they don't raise the cut-off for a band 6.
    For belonging I do Skrzynecki poetry, module A I do Frankenstein/Blade Runner, speeches for module B and Julius Caesar for module C (Conflicting perspectives)
    gahh I hate Julius Caesar, don't like Skryznecki that much

    btw what school do you attend?
    Yeah that sounds about right! Hopefully legal will be heaps generic, we are guinea pigs for the syllabus! And yes hopefully English will be alright....
    For belonging we do Skrzynecki poetry
    For in depth study we do Hamlet
    For texts in time Frankenstein/Blade Runner
    For history and memory we do September 11website!!
    How about you??
    Legal is my last subject too. Going to start studying for that from the end of paper 2 :)
    There's just so much goddamn content in legal, although a lot of it is bullshit-able and common sense.

    and no, I'm not nervous, just as long as they don't select particular speeches or ask a very damn specific or trick question, like they did with module C.

    What electives are you doing for legal anyway? and what are your English texts?
    oh I've been studying around 4-6 hours a day, which isn't that much considering it's the HSC period. Tbh I already know I'm going to make it into UNSW anyway, so I don't bother that much.
    How are you going in legal studies atm?
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