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Recent content by Appleseed

  1. Appleseed

    Studying for exams

    I find going over past papers helps. Also summerising lecture material. It changes for each degree I think, cause for science I go through equations and specific laws that I need to remember.
  2. Appleseed

    How were your first days (or first days back)?

    You can't say that. But if you were doing a science degree I'd say come sit with my friends and I. We never stop laughing through lectures and i drag them through labs.
  3. Appleseed

    Wollongong Parking Meters

    The parking meters in the CBD are really annoying. But if you know your way around there are some ways you can get around it. Such as Audi has 2 hours of free parking as does woolworths. But because of the parking meters lots of people are parking on side streets close to the free bus and making...
  4. Appleseed


    You cant tease us people at campus east for being drunken bogans, you go to campus east because you are a drunken bogan.
  5. Appleseed

    King Lear Hsc

    I'm thinking it could be a question focused around nature in King Lear.
  6. Appleseed

    How many techs will you refer to for skrzynecki?

    2 Skrzynecki poems with about 10 techniques each and 10 quotes to back up my techniques. and the same for my related texts.
  7. Appleseed

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    Hoping to do Medical Science at ANU followed by a post graduate degree in Medicine/Surgery and then work in Cambodia.
  8. Appleseed

    King Lear - Readings. Help!

    Using first person language is what they do want to see, because it is about how 'YOUR' personal interpretation has been shaped. It doesn't matter what the text type is always use first person in King Lear responses.
  9. Appleseed

    Spirited Away?

    I used Spirited Away and went really well, i use Journey: the north coast by robert gray as well with skrzynecki
  10. Appleseed

    Sulfuric acid as oxidising agent

    Concentrated sulfuric acid can be transported and stored in iron containers, as it is molecular and does not readily react with iron. This is from HSC Online
  11. Appleseed

    LEar + Fool

    Lear and the Fool have a weird relationship, there are times where the Fool will give Lear great advice, and other times where he will taunt him and metaphorically call him and idiot. This is mostly in act 1 scene 4. My teacher said that Lear and the Fool are very similar. There are ways of...
  12. Appleseed

    HELP...What is the difference between gene cloning and whole animal cloning???

    I have this really big assessment due in about a month, i've looked everywhere but cause find anything that makes them different. Can anyone help me please!?
  13. Appleseed

    HM Texts - need urgently

    If it helps, I'm using the movie Memento and the comic 'Lest We Forget' by Cathy Wilcox.
  14. Appleseed

    The Butterfly Effect

    I was thinking of using The Butterfly Effect for the memory perspective of H+M, but i don't know if it's a wise choice. Does anyone have anything i could use on it or a viewpoint?