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  • yeah i have bad sleeping habits :/ do you do 4u?
    what exactly are you putting into your notes? is it just info correlating to the dot point?
    i think i was half way through the module, i have about 9 pages with diagrams, but i used 0.8x0.8 margin. mine will probably total up to <20 pages.
    ill be finished with my notes by the end of the year, and then we can compare :D
    i need to finish typing mine:/
    mine are like half typed half written. how long are yours?
    Indeed, textbooks are to consolidate what you have learnt in class. Past papers will determine how good you are at applying a concept.
    I would not practice on Fitzpatrick, (unless your teacher takes questions from there. :p) But if you have a good look at some past papers from the HSC, they are basically asking you questions that involve the same concept over and over again, just in a different form. So if you understand fully each concept, you should be fine.
    Just study hard! And with the level you are aiming I'm sure you will do fantastic :) And thankyou, I hope I like it :)
    I was reading the conditions for the transfer, and it is usually half of your GPA ( which needs to be D or HD) and half atar (as long as it is over 97).
    What are you planning on doing?
    Thankyou! I worked my bum off to be honest so If i went to a better ranked school a 90 would have been achievable :( Ah well. I was thinking usyd, byt my atar is still too low for transfer options. UWS may be the best way to go :)
    I dont think you get scaled down. The marks you need in those subjects will depend on your ATAR aim as well as how well you do in your other subjects.
    Business studies is an average scaler whilst PDHPE is slightly below average. Biology is above average and is an underrated scaler.
    it's oright don'r worry :) it's because our teacher started straight away with series before doing any other chapters from the year 12 maths text book :(
    same but year 12 is getting harder :(

    by the way can you plz help me solving this question it's series:

    muhammad's mother invests $200 for him each birthday up to and including his 18th birthday. the money earns 6% p.a. how much money will mohammed have on his 18th birthday
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