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  • A woman can do anything she wants, a man can do anything he wants. I don't think it is a big deal that a woman is prime minister because she is just another person and a person can do anything they set their mind to. Making a big deal about it would be somewhat condescending, in my opinion.
    I never said she had less worth, I just think if she had children and became prime minister that would be a bigger accomplishment, keeping in mind i'm not detracting from the fact that she became prime minister which is an accomplishment for anyone, man or woman.
    I think you're looking at my comment in a very black and white way, where as i'm thinking more in the grey areas.
    let's agree to disagree and leave it at that.
    I resent you calling me a sexist stupid bitch.
    My comment may have been sexist, but it was neither stupid nor bitchy.
    I'm not saying she's wrong for not having children, I'm just saying if she did have children it's less likely she'd be as succesful as she is. Same with Kevin Rudd, or any male prime minister- if they were single dad's or were the primary care givers it'd be a lot less likely they'd be prime minister.
    I'm not being sexist. If i were being sexist I'd be ruing the day a woman became prime minister. I'm just stating the facts. Women, in most cases, are the primary care givers. Why do you think there are more men in higher levels of business, law and medicine- they either don't have children or have a wife. Get off your pedestool.
    Lol. Too many flaws.
    1) I'm not Asian.
    2) Selfish is subjective- my selfish is not sharing or whatever bull crap. Totally different to your idea of selfishness 'I'm-gonna-throw-away-my-HSC-so-some-nut-can-fail-by-less'.

    It's unfortunate you got raped by an aboriginal. I'm here for you.
    I don't get why you posted that on my rep. That was my point that they have a better work ethic and are therefore generally smarter.
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