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  • woooah it has been a long time. I won't but I'm not 100% nan-like okay. Maybe 10% :cool:. Wow you bought a NExstar?!?!? That's passionate/committed etc. Hmmm nerdy or lame - if it's worth anything, I don't think it's lame and besides nerdy/intelligence is attractive nowadays (i think). So is it worth it? What have you "observed" so far??
    Sheeesh that's a small cohort. Haha I can kind of imagine sitting in that class, it has to be entertaining?? As for motivation, I'm sure your awesome field work/teaching aspirations will be enough to help you get through the year and win @ hsc. You'll probably ace your half-yearlies so don't lie.
    I went to o-week last week. It was pretty cool. Met new people, joined clubs and societies, got textbooks etc. I actually start proper uni tomorrow which is exciting. I promise to strike up conversations with randoms.
    And french toast is easy! What can you cook anyway? It's only been me answering those types of questions, it's your turn. :)
    The professor there was pretty awesome as well, took us through and revised the whole Astro topic in about 2 hours. Being a couple of weeks before hsc exams, that was very very useful.

    how many people are in your cohort? I think you probably have half-yearlies coming up, so are you prepared, going to ace them right?

    oh and thankyou for the rep. Love =3 so much. Fatty Spins songs are awesome :D
    of course i can make a sammich. am i going to be asked another "can you make" question?
    Maybe you 10'ers aren't as motivated right now?? They'll become very active during trials and hsc exams obviously.
    Ain't nothing wrong with respecting teachers yoooo. Great plan, excellent plan. Students will be lucky to have you as a teacher........yeah? NICEEEEE work on the physics assessment. Silly mistakes kill for a while don't they and yes I expected the bruise but still....why be so painful for?
    I don't know about the ANSTO open day date for this year or if they're even having one. But I do know that you can book half-day tours in groups etc. Yes my physics excursion: was for the astrophysics topic. Went to UWS Penrith Observatory and used their massive telescopes to look at things in the sky. The moon was amazing, saw every crater and fine details as well. Saw Jupiter too and some other stars.

    *continued sorry :eek:
    * from previous

    And yes they are awesome. Except you have to crouch throughout the whole tour. I banged my back on the steel latch thing on the way out and it was bruised for a while. We got to see where the guys slept, ate etc. and touched some reeeaaal torpedos.

    Did you go to the ANSTO open day/fair?? I'll quit waffling now but I still have to tell you about my awesome phyics excursion (not to ansto)
    naaah can't make jam drops :( but I can the best milkshakes/smoothies ever. And yeah it's surprising, the whole cupcake/cake fetish.
    Good choice with the courses :). Prospective teacher then, we need more passionate teachers. Those courses aren't high in demand (from students) hence the lower entry requirements. I have a friend at Bond Uni in Qld which is also just minutes from Surfer's Paradise. She is having an absolute ball there, kinda wish I was there too. So U of Q sounds just as awesome. Have you considered Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering?? I have a friend in 3rd year of Aero, it sounds interesting.
    Well tbh I plan on going on one of those adventures in the future. Solo trip to somewhere to meet amazing people. But going with a friend or something just sounds a tiny bit more appealing to me. I don't mind really as long as I have an adventure full of excitement, adrenaline and unpredictability.

    * continued (sorry this one is long)
    hahhah yeh very funny :(. I can make cupcakes btw.

    wooah niceeee that is awesome. with that much passion, are you looking to do something physics/science related at uni??
    Our chem excursion was to the National Maritime Museum. We got to go on the ships and submarines and did some interesting practicals. looool septic plant hahaha, poor suckers.

    Well I haven't completely cheated because out of the two people I know, one is very antisocial and a conversation killer. The other is a friend of a friend who I am yet to meet in real life. BUt I've had long internet conversations with her so I feel quite comfortable saying I have a friend. So maybe a cheated a tiny bit. I'm still a bit scared though.......

    Suhhh-weet. So uni in Sydney or boganville?? Doubt there is an uni in boganville though. And as above what courses are you interested in?
    yes you did take a while. I'd accepted the fact that my "nan-like" nature had probably driven you away out of boredom.
    woow you really enjoy physics that much? I'm only surprised because in my microworld there was only one girl in my physics class. Good though, passion for learning in boganville is good!!
    For chem the whole topic is called Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation. Basically you learn about rusting and protection of metals on ships, restoring and conserving artifacts etc. It was alright topic, we had a cool excursion.
    Well never had that question phrased in that manner - "week 0" lol but yessssss i'm definitely excited for o-week. hope to meet lots of new people etc. but i won't be completely alone as i know a couple of people doing my course :).
    Over how many years are you going to do hsc? when you planning to go to uni?
    I'm a moron?
    And how do you feel about that?
    Are you incensed? Filled with rage?
    Please let me know what I can do to continue to incite these feelings within you. :)
    No no no. You don't sound selfish.

    But remember, the family is a very crucial item in your life .. so you have to spend time with them no matter how busy you are

    good that you dont feel any stress or pressure at the moment .. for me .. bro i was never stressed throughout my hsc ... just go to the thread "Motivational stories for hsc" or soemthign like that n u can read my story n see how i was during my hsc course lol

    newaiizz maek sure u do spend tym wif ur family kk?
    Right =) lol

    Post HSC life ... lol seriously miss all my teachers, my cohort, my friends, my school (coz i went there all 13 yrs of my life ..) but yeah it feels good to have no more expectations or pressure

    u doin ur hsc this yr?
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