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  • hahahah yeah I've noticed that drunk/stoned bogans are polite and hilarious.
    Thankyou. Nah I start o-week on 22nd. And then classes start the week after so I have no idea how hard or easy it is. All I know is that I've got a really relaxed timetable with only 15 hours of lectures/tutes a week.
    Physics option was Astrophysics and Chem one was Shipwrecks. What are you doing?
    haha well thankyou, I'm glad my taste in women is "sophisticated". Wow you live in town full of bogans.....hmm that'd be quite an experience. Are they nice bogans (if they exist)? Or do you actually count down the number of days you have until you can move to sydney for uni? I've heard bogan accents before, but the people possessing them aren't really awesome at all. Not saying that you and your town aren't awesome though.
    Nah not grounds for stalking - UNSW, B Commerce. As for how I did in the hsc: 99.05 (way above expectations). Woooow in that case you are the only awesome/cool one in your school. And Physics was my favourite sub, just smash/ace the next assessment!
    hhahah vampirism. edward cullen wannabes were there i suspect. yeah your friend sounds pretty fun to hang out with, adventures galore??
    Yes wow you know about that movie. She is filming Napolean and Betsy, it's a romantic tale. Will be awesome.
    So that means that I am not "learned" :( coz in the circumstance of our conversations you sound like that. I mean in a good way obviously.
    Yepo uni it is for me. start on 22nd so pretty excited. how's year 12 going thus far?
    a party full of emma watson's??? heaven for sure.
    ohhh i see, I have not watched fight club yet (shocking I know). Woooah it's helena bonham carter, I love her!!! Must watch movie. I hide behind Emma Watson for no particular reason other than the fact that it's the best avatar on here.
    hahahah your friend sounds hilarious!! you mean like a witch thing or some other meet?
    So far I have not met weird internet people, hopefully most of them are normal and you just had a bad experience.
    Doesn't sound too weird imo, I get what you mean. I guess you really are "edgy and unpredictable" then.
    Yeah k, I have no life. Blame it all on the HSC! :p

    "Inbreeding" not really hahaha. More like "an impossible cross-breeding" hehe.

    Yeah I'm tired too lol. Gtg, laters.
    haahahahah very funny but I dreaded the first two paragraphs until I read the kidding part. So you must be self-respecting judging by that avatar, who is it (i can't really make it out, looks like keira knightley to me)??
    oh i see new bos member, yeah i think my "about me" is too revealing maybe?
    lol yeah obviously its scary meeting internet people. I've only ever met one but that was a friend of a friend etc. so not the same thing. Fine I'll be content with the invite and I won't come so as to not scare you.....that's a good compromise imo.
    yeh granted, me, being a male, watching Oprah may be a bit weird. I don't watch every ep just the interesting ones. Your nan is cool then. And I'm glad I'm normal.
    Nah I don't have OCD. Do you have any mental disorders?
    So your bio describes everything you don't want to be - interesting stuff.
    Awesome, I hope I get an invite :(
    OHHh snap! ouch i guess lol, obviously I don't know your nan but she has good taste or something...? (fine I'm a bit boring)
    and why would I have OCD??
    I hope you're not joking about the toga party.
    toga party is just a reference to some tv show. why, are you interested in attending one?
    "Insecure, arrogant and ignorant" - that's quite a combination!
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