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  • Just saw this! Hahaha, my bad.

    I'll have to scan it and PM it to you. It wasn't particularly hard but it's fun to see the application :)
    Linear Algebra? It's great! Wasn't really sure what to expect seeing as before uni I didn't have any exposure to matrices at all let alone anything else, so it's really good!
    Yea and the axioms are just a couple from the set to prove a vector space - as long and tedious as it is I actually enjoy it!
    Still haven't actually done any Calculus in Mutlivariate yet.. It's all just been stuff on set's and things >.< Linear Algebra we've just done stuff on subspaces which is actually kind of cool. Nothing of note in the other ones though!
    How is it so far!? Hahaha. Unless it's all just been "Here's what we're going to do... let's revise".
    Hahah, well I don't know! If you want to check out the subjects, here is my degree and here is the regular maths degree. Regular maths one has all the maths subjects that the uni offers on it.

    I can't imagine I'll do much Statistics... I'm dreading having to do the one compulsory subject next year hahaha.

    I agree, none of my friends from school enjoy it! It's good to finally be around a heap of people who actually enjoy doing it and actually enjoy discussing it. It's okay to bring it up in regular conversation!

    Next semester however I think I'll be doing Complex Variables and Group Theory, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics and Applied Mathematical Modelling 2 (whatever that involves haha).
    Set Theory stuff is certainly interesting... no doubt it'd be covered more in Discrete? I do that next session (I'm looking forward to it too!).

    Hahaha not really sure that I have 'great ability' :p I just enjoy my maths!

    Not sure when I do Real Analysis? Next session I do "Complex Variables and Group Theory" (also a 2nd year subject) so I'm assuming that's Complex Analysis...
    Oh, right, completely forgot about that! Hahaha. A friend of mine is going to USyd and forgot they had an extra week, damn >.<

    Well.. I went from HSC 4U --> 2nd year, is that even bigger!? Hahaha. Nah it's been good so far, and I've already learnt so much. Linear Algebra lecture first up was pretty full on though, I hadn't quite learnt everything yet (still haven't, but getting there) from first year and the lecturer kept referencing them and saying "You should remember this from first year..." but I didn't! I managed to catch on to a lot of it though which made me feel a lot better during the lecture, and I have a friend in it. Multivariate Calculus so far isn't anything particularly new, it's just a new and more formal way of thinking about things - we've been learning about Sets and stuff in the first 2 lectures. The notation is really heavy and formal though so I'll have to get used to that, shouldn't be so hard!
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