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  • Well... what would you like to make a video of!? Hahaha. I have seen that you'd like to make videos of Maths concepts.

    Yea, completely forgot about the unishop. They can order them in too, but I'm sure they'd love to charge a premium haha. Will probably end up getting it (maybe even that ebay link you sent haha), seems like a great asset.

    And sure, if it's not too much trouble! I'll PM my email?
    I actually have no idea where the nearest book store is here... I think online would be the way to go! haha. I've Stewart's mentioned to me before, or Spivak's, but I think I may have to seriously look into getting Stewart's! Price does seem steep but all Uni textbooks are like that it seems...

    Khan Academy is good, I used it to teach myself Integration (up to 4U) before we touched any of it in class and when we eventually did it in class it was a breeze. I've tried looking at Differential Equation's or Linear Algebra stuff but it's just been hard to get into it when I don't have a text with a set of questions to go along with it.

    That's quite the generous offer, but I wouldn't want to cut into your time!
    Mine's the exact same as yours then - 3 years with an optional 4th for Honours (no idea if I'd do that yet haha).

    The only reason I can is because I'm in the 'Advanced' degree. Only 6 of us in it and it means we can do it, if I was doing just the regular BMath I'd have to do the standard route and wait, so I'm glad I got into this one. In regards to work though, I've been given this ~40 page set of notes with questions from a lecturer of one of my subject that I'm supposed to have finished by the start of semester so I have some grounding, but I'll try and look into more Differential Calculus! Anything you particularly recommend to get a little ahead?
    Yea, I think an introduction of matrices should definitely be brought into the HSC. But then there's the issue of what to remove... I'm inclined to say Circle Geometry and Conics BUT I understand the importance of being able to think logically when it comes to Circle Geometry so for that reason I think it should stay...

    The Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus courses I'm taking are 2nd year subjects. Part of the Advanced degree deal, you get to take them straight away - I've already been given work from the uni to do on Vector Geometry and some Linear Algebra so I'm not lost when I start and so far it's fun!

    How long is your degree?
    For the most part they seem similar. This semester I'm taking:

    - Advanced Mathematics (it's pretty much the two standard differential/integral calculus subjects jammed into one semester)
    - Multivariate and Vector Calculus
    - Linear Algebra
    - Procedural Programming (some comp. sci. subject, ugh)

    Was your first Linear Algebra class an intro one? And then the one you're doing this year a more in depth one? Linear Algebra for us is briefly covered in the standard first year subjects as far as I'm aware..

    I'm also tempted to take a Physics subject some time though!
    I'm interested...

    Are you in your 2nd year of your degree this year? What subjects are you taking this semester? And what'd you take last year? (Even though we're at different Uni's... haha).

    If you don't mind!
    hey so like one of the questions in terry lee was just basically finding the mod-arg form, it went over the range (+180) and then they added pi to get the arg whch was used in the form, my question is how do we know how much pi to multiply ( 1? 2? etc.)
    by the way it's a typical question that i've been asked 10 times before lol but unfortunately I can't edit my name on BOS -.-
    MATH2965 was the only one I've done (just for fun, I'm not doing a maths major although doing a stats major), but will also do MATH2961 next sem.
    And sorry, I don't have it anymore. But looking at your marks (your sig), you'll do well anyhow without learning it ahead. 2965 is tedious with lots of boring algebra (and tedious integration) but easy.
    So just any shake from Musashi will do or is there a specific one i should look out for? and it's fine to take even though i'm only like 16 right? lols.
    i'm kinda new to all this exercise and protein shake stuff. just started out :D could you recommend a specific brand and where i could get it? or one that you use after swimming etc.
    yo carrot! read on a thread where you told the OP to drink a protein shake exercising. do you know what a good protein shake for someone 15-18 yrs old would be? Not to be bulky or anything. just healthy and helps you tone up and slim down.
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