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  • carrot carrot carrot! you should post a question too. just like seanie and larg. join in with those uni students. lol!
    yeh i make so many questions, but the errors are in me typing them up....i also put an extra 2 or something...and the ppl i get to proof check the questions beforehand are obviously i guess the bos can be my proof check :p
    Yeh...the lectures were shocking...john was terrible...i didnt go to like any lectures for any maths....couldnt be bothered getting up so early....but i still liked stats, was super easy....yeh i saw the contour integrals...i think it was something to do with green or stoke's theorem, cant rememebr which.
    so you aren't doing any stats?? im doing all those except non linear and number theory, and both stats instead...what do you plan to major in? and yeh we can meet up some currently revising all linear algebra and i cant wait to start doing double and triple integrals :p
    yeh i know you need a HD average was i know ill be allowed to do it, but with work ill be really busy...which courses you doing next yr? i am doing adv linaer algebra and vector calculus, adv complex analysis, adv discrete maths and graph theory and adv probability and stat models.
    Oh okay cool. Mind giving me some advice on how to do well in Chemistry and Biology? I do 4U Eng, 3U Maths, Chem and Bio btw!
    Hey dude, I've seen you many times on this site. Just want to say you're awesome! May I ask what subjects you did for HSC btw? :)
    carrotjono, question 3 in exercise 4.7 hurts my brain. is the integral race somewhat like those questions?
    aye dude , can you do acturial studies through BSc Adv math? wats the male/female ratio fo people who do it
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