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Recent content by Casmira

  1. Casmira

    general UNSW chit-chat

    'cause im mr brightside
  2. Casmira

    Semester One Results/Predictions

    ======================================================== Session Course Title Result ======================================================== T1 LEGT2731 Marketing and Distribution Law...75 DN ======================================================== Term...
  3. Casmira

    Is University overrated these days?

    you guys realise some professions dont care what uni? go to any random career expo for b commerce students, i asked all the representatives there what uni they went too and it all varied uws, unsw, usyd etc.
  4. Casmira

    general UNSW chit-chat

    lmao i miss driving to that shit smelling race course first thing in the morning to do my exams... almost every semester i had to stay and do 2 3 hour exams same day assholes
  5. Casmira

    MBA and Prior Learning

    most uni mbas require many years experience for a good reason, just focus on getting a high average n your undergrad to secure a good grad position
  6. Casmira

    demographics of masters program?

    I just got my offer into masters of commerce at uow, gonna transfer into applied finance but anyway. what kinda people do this degree? should i be expecting a sea of international students? etc
  7. Casmira

    another unsw vs uts thread.

    ??? you made a statement on marks i responded
  8. Casmira

    ANU vs UNSW vs USYD vs Melbourne vs Macquarie finance/commerce?

    Re: ANU vs UNSW vs USYD vs Melbourne vs Macquarie for finance/commerce? how do people make blanket statements like commerce program is better at unsw? ever look at the books we use for finance, some of them have both unsw/usyd lecturer authors
  9. Casmira

    another unsw vs uts thread.

    ahuh D average in SOME divisions like corporate banking, less competitive ones a credit is fine and plenty of my friends got into top 4 with credit average into not so glorious divisions like auditing. and marks is purely only for them to look at your app after that its you that matters
  10. Casmira

    another unsw vs uts thread.

    i can still tell you that a 55 WAM UNSW will not get a job over D/HD average UWS student as ive seen first hand myself rejected and those UWS recruited. bottom line is this, wherever you go get top marks to get a good grad job. i gotta do a masters and smash that if i want a good grad job
  11. Casmira

    One thing that makes me feel bad about Australian Universities

    we ultimately go to uni which either our friends picked/said was good AND what employers looked for. if this didnt matter i'd just go to most local university geographically = less distance travel and time wasted
  12. Casmira

    ANU vs UNSW vs USYD vs Melbourne vs Macquarie finance/commerce?

    if you wanna go nsw then pick unsw or usyd just flip a coin and go, lean your decision towards unsw if you love asians (demographics may be important to you) if you just simply want the wank factor, uni of melb has a very high international ranking in unis,
  13. Casmira

    another unsw vs uts thread.

    i have spoken/know recruiters at banks, they don't care about your uni ONLY marks. macquarie bank (an elite ib had uws, unsw, uts, usyd etc. grads at the careers expo and they told me pretty much that what gets you in the first round of interviews (ie. hardest to break) is marks, of course...
  14. Casmira

    How do u apply at Bunnings Warehouse?

    i used to work there when i was 15, go in store and ask to speak to the manager for work it shows you have balls it might fast track your application. they get thousands of deadshit applications that its impossible to sort good from bad. make an impression
  15. Casmira

    general UNSW chit-chat

    u can do 2